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31 Fights In 31 Days – A List Of The Best Cinematic Throw Downs Week 3

Welcome to 31 one days of Super Hero fist fights. This will be a 4 week installment series covering the entire month of October tallying up the best battles involving Superheroes on film. What’s unique about this list is that it is not a hard ranking of any sort until we get to the top of the pile. I mean do you seriously want to argue why #26 should be higher than #23? When we near the end, we can start making the hard decisions. Also while Daredevil and his Netflix buddies have some truly top-tier action sequences all their own, they fall under the realm of TV which means they are unable to appear on this list.

Now before we start here are the factors we’re using to rank these cinematic clashes. This isn’t to say one is better than the other, just that context matters.

One Sided Vs. Back and Forth action

Does the fight work because it’s a back and forth clash? Or because one guy is tearing through his opposition.

The Stakes

Why are they fighting? Just to look cool? To avenge a death? A petty spat?


Why is this fight so memorable? Is it a first clash of titans? A hero finally facing insurmountable odds? Something so unique and cool we just weren’t expecting it?


Is there some sort of mitigating factor in the battle? A bomb is about to go off? They aren’t trying to kill the other one? Wacky teleportation?

Shake ‘n Bake

Is this a team up? How great is the chemistry? Does it make everything just THAT more flashy and cool?


What are the ramifications? Are they best friends now? Are they enemies now? Was the world saved?

In case you missed it, check out #31-#26 right here and #25 – #17 here

#16 Cap Vs. The Winter Soldier – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Why it’s great:

From a technical standpoint, the final throw down between Cap and Bucky is airtight. Even though Rogers is reluctant, he won’t let his feelings for his best friend come between him and thousands of innocent people. The two have thrown down a number of times before and they have scouted each other well enough to know the same tricks won’t work twice. Buck shoots high, then low, then pulls out another pistol and since cap can’t block all of his extended body, he gets tagged. Cap knows the danger the Winter Soldier’s metal arm possesses and tries to neutralize it. The whole thing ends up with Cap breaking Bucky’s nonmetal arm and throwing some suave jiu-jitsu to both lock down his opponents good arm and choke him unconscious.

While trying to fend off the world class assassin, Cap is also trying to replace a chip on the helicarrier to lock out the bad guys and save lives. Which is a nice visual nod to the many pouches that superheroes tend to have. It’s an emotional throw down with serious stakes and a smart take on how another fight would go down between these two. It really doesn’t do anything wrong and it’s only crime is that it’s not as impressive as almost any other action scene in this movie.

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