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31 Fights In 31 Days – A List Of The Best Cinematic Throw Downs Week 3

#12 Wolverine Vs. Stryker’s Men – X2: X-Men United

Why it’s great:

X2 is the first time we really get to see Logan unleashed. Sure we know he’s a bad ass winning cage fights in cananda and going up against Sabertooth but we really get to see the skill differential that Wolverine has with everyone else in the mansion. Back in 2003 this was the roughest we were gonna see from the Canadian for a while and rough he was.

Wolverine cuts through Colonel Stryker’s soldiers like butter. First he stabs the guy into the refrigerator scaring the pants off of Bobby Drake who at that point in the film was acting tough because he felt threatened because his girlfriend Rogue had a past with him. Then Logan goes through a tear through the mansion using a surprising amount of stealth. Here we are finding out that Logan was some sort of black ops marine and with his mutant abilities and unbreakable claws he was first class. We also get nods to other future X-Men, Colossus shows up, Shadowcat runs through walls and even Banshee or his daughter Siryn (because X-continuity is a joke) wakes up the school with her scream.

Even though this was PG-13, Logan stabbing a mansion full of soldiers to death had to push the censors and at this time it was one of the coolest things we had ever seen. Looking back on it in 2016 the scene still works because when Strkyer invades it means sh*t just got real. Rare even in the comics did we see a guy with Wolverine’s abilities let loose of everyday humans. This was his breakout moment and in 2017 Hugh Jackman will still be running around stabbing guys and a lot of that is credit to this scene.

#11 Blade Vs. Vampires at a Blood Rave – Blade

Why it’s great:

This is the ultimate example of setting the tone. See the original X-Men movie gets a lot of credit for starting a new superhero era of films back in 2000, but a lot of people forget that Blade predates X-Men by two years. You could be forgiven even thinking Blade was a comic book character at the time because aside from one mention of Marvel in the opening credits, that’s all you are going to get. So with no expectations in mind many viewers tuned in to a movie about Wesley Snipes killing vampires. What they didn’t know, is that Blade would be the coolest dude to grace the theaters.

The blood rave scene starts out as a horror film. This poor schlub thinks he’s getting lucky when he meets a beautiful woman to takes him to some club he’s never heard of. Next thing we know blood is pouring from the ceiling and vampires are everywhere eating poor hapless humans in the same situation as our poor club goer. It’s a scary scene and as a kid I had to close my eyes when I saw this in the theater, but when Blade enters the entire tone changes. We don’t need to be scared anymore because this dude in a black trench coat (predating The Matrix) showed up with guns and a sword and the vampires are scared of HIM. Blade proceeds to kill a club full of vampires single handedly without breaking a sweat. This wasn’t scary anymore, this was AWESOME! Blade was a bad ass in every sense of the word. He’s even kind of a weirdo when he stakes Donal Logue to a wall and does a goofy “nailed it” pose.

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