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31 Fights In 31 Days – A List Of The Best Cinematic Throw Downs Week 3

#10 Captain America Vs. Batroc and his men – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Why it’s great:

The Winter Soldier was a shot in the arm that the MCU didn’t know it needed. The Russo brothers took on the job of making Captain America work in modern day. The First Avenger nailed the character but poor Cap just seemed like the silly looking one coming out of The Avengers. So what’s the first order of business? Making Cap a threat.

Steve Rogers is a guy with the best possible version of the super soldier serum running through his veins, he has that Heisenberg quality stuff inside him. So a normal soldier isn’t even in the same continent as Cap in terms of fighting ability. We get one of the best possible showcases as we watch him stealth tear through an entire tankers worth of Batroc the Leaper’s men. He never stops moving forwards and still finds a way to execute efficiently and quietly, kicking dudes off the ship while tossing his shield is a thing of beauty. It all ends with a face to face with Batroc where Cap is comfortably winning and then handicaps himself by holstering the shield and taking off his helmet. Batroc is skilled sure but don’t call out Cap cause he’ll let his ego get the best of him and still use your face to mop the floor. This was Captain America’s reveal to party and the first of many great action scenes in this film.


#9 Batman Vs. Goons – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice–B7JpRf4

Why it’s great:

This scene is frustratingly good. It captures how Batman would handle a room full of hired thugs in a pitch perfect way. Excusing murder via Bat-plane (for the sake of argument we are excusing all the murder) we see Batman move and fight like we’ve always wanted him to. No more clunky rubber suits, no more Nolan shaky cam action sequences, this is Batman come to life straight from the Arkham Asylum games.

He uses misdirection and blows out the floor and flies up to the ceiling confusing the goons. Then he places traps on all the dangerous automatic weapons in the room and the one guy he doesn’t get with the trap he hangs from the ceiling. The last gun he uses the guy to empty the entire clip suppressing the rest and proceeds to handle business when all they have are pistols and knives. The Batsuit can handle point blank shots to the head as we see here. I love how there’s no real “waiting your turn” here where the one bad guy gets knocked out and then another runs up to take his place and four other guys watch. Batman is routinely getting double, triple and quadruple teamed here with guys taking cheap shots like gunshots to the head and stabbing Batman any chance they get. Batman uses all his gear from grappling a crate into a guy’s skull to throwing Batarangs. We see his trademark severe beatdowns, laying in a extra 2-3 more punches than he probably needed to and getting some much deserved payback on the guy that stabbed him. Batman is pure destruction here in a way that is realistic and faithful to his character… minus all the horrific murder of course.

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