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31 Fights In 31 Days – A List Of The Best Cinematic Throw Downs Week 3

#8 Cap & Bucky Vs. Iron Man – Captain America: Civil War

Why it’s great:

This two on one has all the factors that make a great on screen fight and it just so happens to involve the biggest names in the MCU. It’s back and forth nature, smart fighting, insanely personal stakes, great shake ‘n bake and an impact that essentially ended the Avengers as they are now.

We knew something serious had to go down between Iron Man, Cap and Bucky by the end of Civil War, they already had the initial blow up and everyone is one the same page at this point. So revealing that Bucky under mind control of Hydra was the one who killed Tony’s parents? Not only that but choking his mom to death, which would send anyone into a rage no matter the circumstances and for Steve to admit he knew the whole time? I went from Team Cap to Team Tony REAL QUICK after this.

Bucky has a robot arm and experimented on by Hydra to make him more ‘Super’ Cap is Captain America but they still have to take on the Iron Man in his suit equipped to take on armies. It kind of plays out like a multi-tier boss battle with Cap and Bucky destroying a repulser gauntlet here and damaging a jet boot there. Tony’s hand to hand isn’t up to snuff with Cap or Bucky but he can analyze fight patterns and the suit does the work for him. After getting double teamed in a fantastic sequence Bucky ends up with his arm blown off and Cap is on the ropes, he gets back up and drops the line saying “I can do this all day.” Which is a great callback line and in this moment paints Tony as the villain. Iron Man’s suit is damaged enough that it doesn’t take much and after a moments hesitation Rogers pounces on him and wails on him. After knocking the helmet off Cap looks for the “kill shot” causing Tony to raise his arms to protect his face but his chest core was the real target thus ending the fight and declaring a clear winner, which is tough in these hero v hero match ups. Steve has picked Bucky over Tony and is rightfully called out for not “deserving that shield” and Cap drops it out of either acknowledgement or saltiness. We know things are going to change, but the Avengers are no more at this point.

Honorable Mentions

Punisher Hates Parkour – Punisher: War Zone

You didn’t think I’d put together a list about Superheros fighting each other without throwing this scene is did you? This is one of the most moronic and entertaining things to ever grace a movie screen in general let alone a superhero movie. An Irish mob of parkour masters are leaping around New York City but not on Frank’s watch. He blows one out of the sky mid-flip using the special effects budget of a pizza party in 2016. Then after pumping the crook for information about Jigsaw, the movie apes a fantastic Punisher moment from the Garth Ennis comics and somehow makes it silly. But still, that parkour…

Punisher Takes on Jigsaw’s Men – Punisher: War Zone

This scene is actually pretty cool if I’m being honest. Frank tears through Jigsaw’s men using what at least passes for realistic military shooting in this film. Frank checks his corners, reloads often and violence ensues. If the budget didn’t look like it was envious of the one Saw IV got this could have looked a lot better but if you look hard enough you can find The Punisher here.

So that’s it for week 3 of our 31 Fights In 31 Days competition. Please remember that this is a soft list so let’s not get too fired up. Next week however, will be hardcore no holds bar winner take all. Stay tuned.

Come back in a week for our next round of fights.



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