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31 Fights In 31 Days – A List Of The Best Cinematic Throw Downs Week 4

Welcome to 31 one days of Super Hero fist fights. This will be a 4 week installment series covering the entire month of October tallying up the best battles involving Superheroes on film.What must be noted is that this is only a list made by a human being. I’m sure your list differs from mine but now that we are at the end, we are playing for keeps. This is the full UNDISPUTED final selection of the best superhero throw downs ever. While Daredevil and his Netflix buddies have some truly top-tier action sequences all their own, they fall under the realm of TV which means they are unable to appear on this list.

Now before we start here are the factors we’re using to rank these cinematic clashes. This isn’t to say one is better than the other, just that context matters.

One Sided Vs. Back and Forth action

Does the fight work because it’s a back and forth clash? Or because one guy is tearing through his opposition.

The Stakes

Why are they fighting? Just to look cool? To avenge a death? A petty spat?


Why is this fight so memorable? Is it a first clash of titans? A hero finally facing insurmountable odds? Something so unique and cool we just weren’t expecting it?


Is there some sort of mitigating factor in the battle? A bomb is about to go off? They aren’t trying to kill the other one? Wacky teleportation?

Shake ‘n Bake

Is this a team up? How great is the chemistry? Does it make everything just THAT more flashy and cool?


What are the ramifications? Are they best friends now? Are they enemies now? Was the world saved?

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#7 Hulk Vs. Hulkbuster – Avengers: Age of Ultron

Why it’s great:

When I first saw concept art for this scene I was legitimately worried. I felt like we were getting this scene too soon and I wasn’t sure Joss Whedon and Co. would have been able to do the fight justice. Not only did this live up to my own high expectations, it’s probably the best sequence in the film.

Hulk has been hit with some wonky Rage-Magic by Scarlet Witch and is about to go crazy in a populated area but Tony along with ‘Veronica’ are there to make the save. After a botched containment, Hulk is just as angry and Stark has geared up in his ‘Hulkbuster’ suit.

What’s great about this is not only the visual artistry that’s going on here but all the little things that make this shine through more common battles like Doomsday Vs. The Trinity. This is a battle between technology and nature. Tony has bleeding edge tech, contingencies for his contingencies and still the Hulk just rages through most of it. Hulk tears an arm off, no problem! Tony just gets a new one sent to him. This is another showcase of Hulk’s severely underappreciated fight IQ, where it takes him a matter of seconds to acknowledge and counter obstacles. After getting hit with Hulkbuster sized repulser rays, he rolls through it. More parts sent by Veronica? Only gonna happen once and Hulk destroys Tony’s reinforcements.

The fight spans the city with Tony essentially handcuffing Bruce with his new Hulkbuster arm and trying to fly him away from civilians. The two end up brawling in a nearby building and Stark has to manage a raging Hulk and saving people at the same time. This is all topped with great moments by Tony in his heads up display which reminds viewers that we aren’t just watching CGI creations smash into each other. Tony Stark is in that thing. It goes a long way into keeping the viewer from getting bored watching relentless destruction. Tony uses everything from brute force to sleeping gas to drop the behemoth and eventually has to body slam Hulk through an entire (empty) building to get the Witch’s magic to wear off. One cheap shot later and its lights out for Hulk.

This sequence has moments that are so fitting with each character giving them a chance to shine. Marvel has nailed down the incomprehensible rage of the Hulk and managed to put it on film and gave us a battle for the ages. Gold stars all around.

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