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Things that happened the week of 8/24/2014

Oh holy hell this was way more difficult than it should have been posting this. apparently Google Drive wants to make your life more difficult by making you download apps on things like computers and then having them not work correctly. So currently I’m writing this on my iPad.

Anyway… This was an interesting week for things that I like to see fail…because they keep making terrible decisions and it makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside.  DC wants to be serious but also have superheroes punch each other in the face. Doctor Doom the sock puppet gets leaked and Nintendo laid off over 300 people and get flack for it by making extremely dumb statements years prior. All that and much more after the jump



Emmy Winners

Donald Glover to Voice Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man

Jesse Eisenberg talks Lex Luthor

Matthew McConaughey wanted for Big Bad in Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’

Warner Brothers doesn’t understand Marvel’s Success and implements “No Jokes” policy for DC movies

Warner Brothers doesn’t understand Marvel’s Success and implements “No Leg” policy for popular DC Character

X-Men: First Class writers to work on new Looney Tunes movie

Another day another Doctor Strange rumor

Joaquin Phoenix may take the roll after all. (please somebody just pick the role)

Sexual Assault charges dropped again Bryan Singer

First look at new Pixar movie

This Outcast trailer show that this movie may be great for all the wrong reasons

21 minutes of Gotham for your viewing pleasure

RIP Sir Richard Attenborough

Ridley Scott says Blade Runner sequel script is finished

Marvel Netflix shows to be darker than the movies

Thor to channel his inner Griswald

Fantastic Four Green Screen shots leaked

Marvel Netflix will likely crossover with Avengers

Hawkeye to remember he’s buddies with Steve Rogers in Captain America 3… hopefully

Game of Thrones Director wishes he could direct a Black Widow movie

Blade 4 is happening? Wesley Snipes seems to think so

Amazon is bringing the live action Tick show back

Worst Summer showing since 2006

New Foxcatcher trailer

Jon Stewart’s directorial debut for Rosewater gets a trailer


Video Games

Sony, Blizzard and others suffered DDOS attacks earlier this week

Microsoft wants to predict your next move with new Streaming system titles Delorean

Amazon slowly taking over the world, buying Twitch for close to one billion

Smash Brothers roster leaked

Mario Kart 8 DLC leaked

Can’t wait for the inevitable Tekken’Mon

Playstation Plus for September

Games with Gold for September

Destiny says “no” to item trades

Microsoft planning to grossly overprice their Stand-Alone Kinect

Assassin Creed Unity delayed two weeks

Indie title State of Decay getting a “New Gen” update

17 year Castlevania vet Dave Cox leaves Konami

For a refresh check out our ‘Lingering Stare’ of the game

New 3DS coming out in Japan and will confuse grandparents in America soon

Amiibos are priced

New Saints Row DLC and a “new gen” update

Nintendo to have lay off over 300 employees

Upcoming Xbox One update explained


Comic Books

Marvel to end one of their 800 different Avengers Titles with Issue #44

DC to confuse the core audience by re-releasing a Pre New 52 book for promotional purposes

Dan Abnett is writing an Avengers prose novel

ANTiFanfix reviews: Batman Eternal #21



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