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Things that happened the week of 10/4/2014

This week I have watched more ‘current’ television than I have in years. Seriously, it was gross. I watched about 12 hours of Arrow in a day and a half and now I can’t stop talking in weird Australian accented whispers. I miss my video games…

So on top of a fairly heavy news week New York Comic Con is happening so the normally light weekend became a bum rush of new, trailers and reveals. So normally I say things like “JAM PACKED WEEK OF NEWS!” but there hasn’t been a week more full of relevant stuff to my interests in a while. Some unfortunate rumors came true in the comic world, Twin Peaks announced it’s return and Sony forgot how to launch a video game. All that and (seriously) much much more after the jump.



Wild Avengers 3 rumor

More rumors

Maggie recaps Doctor Who’s ‘Kill the Moon’

ANTiFanboy Super Hero TV power listings

Twin Peaks and Showtime are doing… something? Whatever I’m excited

Apparently the Legend of Robin Hood needs it’s own cinematic universe

According to this applause break on Ellen there will be an Iron Man 4

Robert Downey Jr is clearly just trolling people and we won’t know the truth for a while

Those Spider-Man/Avenger cross over rumors are back

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is getting a 3rd movie

The X-Men to get a TV show… finally it seems

It’s not the sequel we were all hoping for but I’ll take a multipart part Dredd miniseries

That All-Female Ghostbusters idea has now turned into a full fledged Project

The Venom/Carnage movie that nobody wanted is probably dead

A Labyrinth sequel is in the works

Seems a little quick but I’m tentatively excited for a standalone Lego Batman movie

Jeremy Renner now says he’d do a Hawkeye solo film

AMC should be awarded an emmy just for this decision

The wildly underrated Joe Dirt is finally getting a sequel

Updates for Justice League and Suicide Squad scripts

NYCC Powers Panel

We get our first look at Daredevil in costume at NYCC panel

Big Hero 6 NYCC trailer

Brad Bird’s new movie ‘Tomorrowland’ gets a teaser

Powers get a NYCC trailer


Video Games

Super Smash Bros for the Wii U FINALLY gets a release date

Kingdom Hearts 3 to use Unreal engine and makes Devon nervous

I hope it’s mean ‘House’ Hugh Laurie doing the voice for LBP3 and not the affable Brit version

Is AC Unity truly “Next Gen” if it leaves out the Wii U? Ubisoft says yes

Take a virtual tour of the Batcave

Ubisoft makes gamers angry by trying to make nobody angry

The Crew delayed to early December

Ex Bioshock staffers kickstarting ‘The Black Glove’

EA makes Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Crossbuy on PS3/PS4

Sony shows it’s inexperience in totally botching the Driveclub launch

If you still have Origin for whatever reason, EA is going to give you the first Dragon Age for free

That gamecube converter you bought for Smash Bros ONLY works with Smash Brod

Don’t hold your breath for a new Darkstalkers game

Capcom has some pretty big expectations for games that want sequels

If you have a 7th gen version of a next gen game, chances are you won’t be able to play the DLC

Telltale teases more Game of Thrones stuff

If you are a Playstation fan and live near Las Vegas then you may be interested

Bioware adds fuel to the Console Wars stating that Dragon Age: Inquisition will be 1080P on Ps4 and 900p on Xbox One

Resident Evil Revelations 2 explains what unique content will be on Playstation systems

Phil Spencer talks Microsoft’s Parity Clause

Check out the ANTiFanboy’s Lingering SCARE: Alien Isolation Edition

Lingering Stare: Hyrule Warriors

AC Unity Story trailer

Another Week another The Evil Within trailer

Comic Books

Fantastic Four to be put on the shelf for a while

Marvel doesn’t stop hitting, announces Secret War 2015 crossover

Squirrel Girl gets a new ongoing while FF gets cancelled

The Finchs’ discuss new Wonder Woman direction

Brian Wood takes on the Spawn mantle

Batman Rising panel at NYCC

Spider-Gwen to get solo after one appearance in a crossover

Marvel to end Mutants in addition to Fantastic Four

Even though he’s dead, Wolverine will be getting a Weekly comic until he comes back

Black Vortex event announced as Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men have a Cosmic Crossover




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