Relive The Gears Of War Ultimate Edition With A Remastered Mad World Trailer


Everybody’s favorite “artsy” video game trailer is back!While I tend to want more out of trailers than just a sad song juxtaposed with action I can understand why the Mad World Gears of War trailer was such a hit 9 years ago. So it stands that Microsoft would want to recreate the “Gears Experience” as much as they could with the 2015 remastered edition of the Mad World trailer.

It… doesn’t really work. This feels too much like a normal “modern” trailer with all the hits and somebody just spliced the song over it. Nothing really syncs and it leaves me cold.


As I’ve said before I’m not the biggest fan of the original but at least there’s an ATTEMPT at tone here.

What do you guys think?

Gears of War Ultimate Edition released 8/25/15