Shovel Knight Is The Next Amiibo You Won’t Be Able To Find

In a… strange announcement via the GameGrumps guys. We now know that ANTiFanboy favorite Shovel Knight is getting it’s very own Amiibo. For both the Wii U and 3DS you will be able to customize your Shovel Knight gear and play through exclusive challenge stages.

Cool! Sorta…. it’s always cool to see new Shovel Knight content but this is the perfect example of why I think the Amiibo stuff is all sorts of gross.  There’s no way in hell an indy character, with probably a limited run of models is going to be easy to get. So not only are you paying an enormous fee for the DLC offering (the figure is a bonus) but many will be unable to play this content even if they wanted to. Sorry for being THAT GUY but as someone who’s barely interesting in Amiibo but very interested in Shovel Knight content this is just a bitter pill to swallow.

There is no news if the extra content will somehow find its way to Xbox or PlayStation platforms