Ghostbusters – Trailer

Who ya gonna call?

Well the new Ghostbusters trailer….sequel…. whatever is here. Weirdly the trailer kind of implies┬áthat this is a sequel and not a remake. While I’m sure whichever it really is won’t change people’s mind bout the movie anyway, it would be nice to at least know where they stand.

The trailer was alright, nothing that got me excited or mad to be perfectly honest. It kind of just existed. A perfectly inoffensive trailer is director Paul Feig’s calling card however as I don’t think there has ever been a trailer for a movie he’s directed that I’ve enjoyed regardless of the films final quality.

I like that there seems to be at least SOME explanation of the proton pack as it always rubbed me the wrong way how they just SAY that Egon made them in the original.

So what do you think of the new Ghostbusters? Love em? Hate em? Let’s find out.