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Back in 2006, a group of wide-eyed comic book geeks started a podcast with gear they were renting out from college. The podcast originally had a single-focus of comic book reviews but as the show grew in popular, it expanded into a podcast about games, movies, and everything else nerd-related.

All-New ANTiFanboy Podcast #163 – SDCC 2016 Recap

The San Diego Comic Con 2016 Episode!
We go over all the trailers and announcements from the convention! Justice League, Wonder Woman, Lego Batman, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, Sonic Mania, and more! Plus we go on a rampage over the Batgirl/Batman romance in The Killing Joke movie. Give a listen!

Check out Devon’s Things That Happened the Week Of for all the trailers and news from the show!

Here are also some various (NSFW?) Jon drawings from the show.

Luke Cage Jon Drawing

Black Panther Jon Drawing

On this week’s Patreon Preshow: We drink Soylent. Is it good, bad, or worse? Also some Star Trek Beyond talk and other stuff!


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