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31 Fights In 31 Days – A List Of The Best Cinematic Throw Downs Week 2

#21 Batman Vs. Superman – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Why it’s great:

The two titans of DC comics finally class in live action and it’s… Not as good as we all wished it was.

But is that really the movies fault? This battle had astronomical hype that it really had no chance of meeting. Breaking it all down, it really does give us all the greatest hits. Superman tries to reason with Batman, well his Zack Synder idea of reasoning at least. Batman throws a bunch of tech at him, trying to disable him with sonics and good old fashion firepower. Batman is clearly testing Superman’s limits here. Batman throws out the smoke bombs and Kryptonite is officially in play.

Batman throws down as best he can considering he’s in a hulking powersuit that makes him move like he’s in molasses. We find out that the effects are temporary as Superman literally gets a second wind and we get some more shoving. After a second round of gas Superman literally gets the kitchen sink crashed onto his skull. Batman does some biblical cross imagry and then tosses him around the building like he’s doing the Cesaro Swing.┬áIt’s way too slow and Superman’s hair doesn’t get as much as tousled during the fight but it is the biggest comic book throwdown possible and should be noted as such.

#20 Deadpool Vs. Mercs on the Highway

Why it’s great:

I love me a good gimmick. Let’s give some background, Deadpool is on the hunt for Francis a mutant baddie who done him wrong and the merc with the mouth finds himself in a shootout with a bunch of bad guys on a highway. The only problem is he forgot to take his ammo with him and has to take on the swarm of dudes with only twelve bullets.

What we get is a hilarious and beautifully crafted action sequence which tell us everything we need to know about Deadpool in under three minutes. He’s really good at shooting, he’s funny, he has a healing factor and he’s a little bit crazy. Having to find unique ways to dispatch more bad guys than he has bullets is a treat even when Wade waste a few on an already dead guy for shooting him in the asshole.

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