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31 Fights In 31 Days – A List Of The Best Cinematic Throw Downs Week 2

#17 Iron Man Mk 1 Vs. The Nine Rings – Iron Man

Why it’s great:

For everything the X2 Nightcrawler scene did for the early 2000 superhero films Iron Man did for modern day ones. This was Marvel Studios first movie which meant that they held the film rights to do whatever they wanted to do. So no more being helpless when dredge like X-Men: The Last Stand and Spider-Man 3 stink up the brand. Historically Iron Man will probably go down as a top ten most important film for everything that followed.

The Iron Man suit is hilariously overpowered in most iterations but here we are dealing with the OG Mark 1, the one Tony Stark built in a cave in secret using spare parts. This is our first introduction to the future Avenger in armored form and man does it deliver. The suit itself is hulking and slow but in the close quarters of a cave it only helps. Tony tears through the opposition and at one point gets his arm stuck in a wall after missing a punch, you can almost hear him thinking about how he needs to fix that in the future. He even has a makeshift rocket launcher that he has to manually fire. When he exits the cave, Stark gets lit up with gunfire and drops the line “My turn.” And proceeds to shoot f*cking fire out of both his arms. After blowing up half the camp, the suit starts to wilt under fire and Tony “flys” out and into safety.

There’s so much to love about this, from the physical non CGI-ness of the suit to the combat awareness that Tony Stark had when even designing this cave suit. Flamethrowers for close quarters combat and enough to light the remaining Stark Industries stockpile up. This stupid ugly grey suit announced the arrival of Marvel movies and it’s glorious.

Honorable Mentions

Iron Man to the rescue – Iron Man

Here we see Tony Stark in the Mk 3 suit taking on the Nine Rings terrorist group. He shows up to stop a raid and shreds through the opposition. Punching a guy into a mountain, using advanced targeting systems and we see how tough the suit is after taking a tank blast head on.

Iron Man Vs. Whiplash – Iron Man 2

This one got really close to making it on the core list. Whiplash shows up to jack up Tony Stark’s day and end up cutting his F1 racing car in half. Whiplash has a great look that is sadly only seen this one time. The Silver Centurion armor is a great reveal as a light weight suitcase set of armor, which sets the cannon that Tony is already tinkering with new ways to armor up. The suit is a “lite” version of the traditional Iron Man look but it’s more than enough to punch out an angry tattooed Russian. It’s over too soon and I would love to see a return of the Silver Centurion.

So that’s it for week 2 of our 31 Fights In 31 Days competition. Please remember that this is a soft list so let’s not get too fired up because #30 was X2 and #29 was Thor.

Come back in a week for our next round of fights.



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