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31 Fights In 31 Days – A List Of The Best Cinematic Throw Downs Week 3

#15 Hulk Vs. Soldiers – The Incredible Hulk

Why it’s great:

Man, this sequence is much more historically important to the MCU than most realize. Up until this point we know the Hulk exists and we’ve seen glimpses of him in soda factories but this is the first time we get to see the Marvel Cinematic Universes’ version of the Incredible Hulk and boy do they not disappoint.

If you confused as to why Edward Norton is running around instead of Mark Ruffalo or why this Hulk is a veiny looking psycho as opposed to the lighter toned bulkier version don’t fret. Just spend a few hours looking into character rights and actor contracts. What’s important here is that Hulk throws down with the US Army on a college campus and it goes down. We see General Ross throw everything he can at the jade giant but he can’t illicit a stronger reaction than minor annoyance let alone any real damage. Hulk is tossing non CGI Humvees into each other, eats shots from a grenade launcher, gets shot in the face, faces off against a super soldier, Stark tech and even a fully loaded gunship.

The entire battle is an escalation ending with General Ross’ daughter being put in harm’s way and being saved by none other than the Hulk. What could have been cute easter eggs turns into full blown cannon when we see the Humvees show up with Stark sound guns on top. Tony may not be making weapons now but the military should still have a stockpile of his earlier work. We also get our first glimpse of how a human with a version of super soldier serum running through his veins would look and fight. Emil Blonsky goes toe-to-toe with the Hulk and while still not a physical match is able to hold his own enough to lure Hulk into the sound cannons. You can see how annoyed Hulk gets when he can’t get to Blonsky and when he finally does, he gets to introduce Emil to the taste of tree bark.

#14 Thor Vs. Iron Man – The Avengers

Why it’s great:

A forgotten gem in the already beloved Avengers film. Just prior to this scene we had our first “team-up” where Captain America and Iron Man shared the same scene together and we all realized our comic book movie fantasies were coming true. Here is where we see another tried and true cliché, the fight before the team-up.

You would think an Asgardian God, let alone Thor would have no problem handing a dude in a metal suit but this is surprisingly more competitive than you would think and it’s all the better for it. Thor is more powerful sure, but Stark is the craftier fighter here. He lucks out when Mjolnir’s lightning powers his suit up to a comical percentage but his jet boots give him a slight advantage. Stark boosts away from Thor’s hammer multiple times and Thor is hardy enough to take a repulser blast to the face and be only mildly annoyed. We get a great scene where the Odinson out headbutts Iron Man and surrounding trees are turned into a satisfying pile of splinters. It’s a great battle of egos that ends when Captain America shows up in that terrible leotard and puts that shield of his to work.

#13 Hulk Vs. Abomination – The Incredible Hulk

Why it’s great:

The final throw down between the Hulk and Abomination does not disappoint. Emil Blonsky has gone entirely crazy and mixed his already super soldier blood with Hulk DNA and the results are a bony giant monster with a serious apetite for destruction.

This is one of the longest battles on this list tracking in just under 10 minutes and it starts like any good fight should. A head to head tackle where the Hulk realizes that he may not be the strongest monster on the block anymore. Stat to stat Abomination is borderline stronger and definitely has more intelligence but the madder Hulk gets… Well you know. Hulk also gets bonus points for creativity when he turns a f*cking cop car into giant steel boxing gloves. He also premiers the iconic Thunderclap and the ground pound moves and after watching this fight I’m a little disappointed that these moves aren’t implemented more in the later films.

This film really gets Hulk’s psychotic rage across perfectly. The dude just keeps finding another level and his facial expressions display a perfect animal-like fury. Hulk has a deceptive level of fight IQ, being able to improve weapons and use objects to his advantage. Tired of getting stabbed with Abomination’s elbow spikes? Just rip it out and stab him with it instead. When Blonsky turns into a low level Absorbing Man cosplayer, Hulk almost rips his head off with the chain. After stomping his foot on his foe’s chest he once again proves that Hulks is the strongest one there is.

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