AFB Drive-By – Doctor Strange

With special guest Chris Galanti!

It’s been a while since the last episode so let me refresh your memories. AFB Driveby is a show where a group of us go see a movie and give our immediate reactions as we are driving home. These are fresh takes minutes after getting out of the theater so we are still processing our thoughts. The audio is meant to sound less than crisp because I want this to feel as authentic as humanly possible. Enjoy!

This is a somewhat more jumbled than usual episode than normal because Galanti is a wild man and refuses to play by the rules. A real vigilante that one.

Chris and I shoot all over Doctor Strange on the ride home, we talk about how impressed we were with a film we were kind of down on going into. Sure there were things we thought were stupid (those rings) but some great visuals and a cool cape will take you far in life.

We also threw in a little (large) bonus bit at the very end for some good old fashion fanboy hate.