Mass Effect: Andromeda Shows Off A New Trailer + Release Date

Gameplay trailers ahoy!EA who’s marketing for Mass Effect: Andromeda has been pretty questionable at best, has showed off a new gameplay trailer at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) this year and we get our best look yet at the game mechanics.

We see some leveling systems, some class changes, combat. It’s all there and it all looks…. OK? I guess? It’s hard for me to get excited about these gameplay trailers when all we see is the player kind of floundering around. I know the game HAS to show certain things but you’d think Bioware could make it less awkward.

The game certainly is a looker, and Ryder’s space suit makes him look especially futuristic as he runs around jump packing-dashing around enemies and hits them with space guns. The most comforting bit so far, is that EA has officially announced the release date for March 21 in North America, 23 for Europe.