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Prey Gets An Action Packed Trailer

Action packed… With science!Prey has been this long gestating sequel to the 2006 game. A sequel was announced and then dumped midway into development. Hopes of a sequel seemed lost until the announcement of Prey at last years E3. Losing the numeral, this looks like a fresh start for the series, where you play either a male or female “Morgan” a scientists on a space station where things go (surprise, surprise) terrible wrong.

The marketing for the game has slowly started to ramp up but looks more in the vein of Half-Life or Bioshock than say, Call of Duty. Morgan is using science guns to plug holes in the ship and using it to shoot hardened goo so they can use it for platforming. That doesn’t mean Morgan doesn’t know his/her way around a gun, and is more than willing to utilizing violence and robot drones to blast creepy alien space goo.

Prey is coming to Xbox One, PC, and PS4 on May, 5, 2017





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