Meet Most Of Your Crew In Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming out in March so EA is putting the hype cycle into overdrive.The original crew of the Hyperion, your mode of transportation around the Andromeda system, includes:

Alec Ryder, your father, who is leading the mission.

Liam Kosta, the “idealist” of the crew.

Sarah and Scott Ryder, the son and daughter of Alec. Also your main playable character.

Cora Harper, the lieutenant and voice you’ve been hearing in the trailer.

Finally S.A.M. the ships computer.

In other trailers we see a Krogan and an Asari and possibly more crew members to join.

Mass Effect: Andromeda launches on March 17, 2017 on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.