Thor Returns With His Roommate Darryl

Thor returns with everybody’s favorite roomie, Darryl. God, I really love these videos and it’s a crime against humanity that we only have two of these. In what I guess is a funny little clip for the Doctor Strange Blu-Ray release, Darryl tries to convince Thor to get a job because he can’t exchange Asgardian coins for gazillions of dollars.

The comedy isn’t surprising considering Thor: Ragnarok is directed by What We Do in the Shadows’ Taika Waititi. Ragnarok sounds like it could be the best Thor film by a country mile, with Doctor Strange and Hulk both appearing. If I had one worry it’s that the film may go too far into the comedy realm. Not that the Marvel movies don’t have their fair share of laughs, but Thor in these Darryl clips is a straight up clown. Again, I doubt this is the case but it’s the one big worry I have.

Thor: Ragnarok is covered in brains on November 3, 2017