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The Good, the Bad, and the Garbage 9/11/13

3 Parts in and it’s time to talk about Battle for the Atom, the titillating mega crossover between all the x-books! OMG but not really.  I mean its okay so far.  Chapter 3 takes place in X-Men # 5, which is a damn shame because I was totally getting into this series.  And this is one of the reasons I can’t stand crossovers.  They rupture the individuality of certain books and limits the storytelling and internal momental events to whatever the main crossover story.  In other words.  It RUINS really good books.  As OKAY as this event is so far, the crossover gods have introduced another out-of-time X-Men generation, and thus turning the out of control super unorganized X-Men proper from 2 generations into 3.  Good number.

The Good: OG X-Men (Past)

Almost everything that has happened with this team since coming into the present in Bendis’ All New X-Men has been pretty awesome.  I love the angst.  I LOVE IMG_0133that teen angst.  I love the struggle.  The struggle is so HARD and SO REAL.  I love the high five between Havok and OG Chibi Scott.  I love OG Jean kissing OG IMG_0134Hank.  I love OG Hank! We actually get to see a creepy OG Chibi Scott pull a move on OG Jean (turning OG Jean into an OG Creep as well) and see their relationship start to form a little bit.  They are all so awkward.  It’s kind of perfect and certainly makes sense personality wise. B+

The Bad: X-Men Proper (Present)

Well this is kind of a love/hate thing.  I love Scott and I am definitely team Scott and I hate Logan because he is the biggest fucking hypocrite in the Marvel Universe, but I love the Jean Grey School and all of the misfits.  I will exclude any opinion I have on Scott’s team for this post because their team hasn’t been explored with this crossover yet (it’s the next part).  What’s pissing me off about Wolverine’s team right now in this crossover is the fact that they are a bunch of bitches!  All they do is contradict the fuck out of one another.  It’s like the OG X-Babies are the kids that have like 13 parents that are constantly fighting and abusing each other in front of IMG_0137them.  Ororo is on the verge of becoming the next Scott “makes the hard decisions hate me fuck you” Summers and Rachel and Kitty are now going against her word and Wolverine is a fucking mega hypocrite and goddammit I hate that Bobby and Kitty are making out all the time it pisses me the hell off.  Wolverine and Storm need to get their teams and their shit together.  Scott’s team is running circles around them right now.  And the kids are running away and being insubordinate and churlish.  C-

The Garbage: Lames of Future Past (Future)

This is ridiculous.  Aside from Ice-Hulk, I hate this idea.  I hate creepy Xavier, I hate half ram Beast, I hate grandma Kitty and most of all I hate future-past Jean.  Is IMG_0135this just the same ideas from Age of Ultron leaking into the X-Men stories? I think this is pretty dumb.  First of all, we don’t need a future team coming to the present to “battle” for the kids.  There’s already a 3 team megawar going on for these goddamned kids.  Granted it’s still fairly early in the crossover, but this is really stupid.  I hate it and I HATE THEM. D-



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