AFB’s Top 5: Movie Cars

reWalls.com_8950Cars are cool. Always have been and always will be. Some cars though are cooler than others though and the silver screen has been home to some of the coolest cars of all time. Beautiful machines to badass road hogs, We each have our own personally favorite dream cars but we sat down and hashed it out and came up with AFB’s Top 5: Movie Cars.

We made some rules though. Rule 1 is that it has to have been made famous from a movie. Not a television show or something else first so you won’t be seeing K.I.T.T and the like on this list. We’re saving that for another Top 5 list for another time. Rule 2 is that it has to be a car. No vans or trucks. Sorry, Jack Burton, this means no Pork Chop Express 🙁

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, Continue on to AFB’s TOP 5: MOVIE CARS!

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