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Things that happened the week of 11/09/2014

So you may have noticed that this weeks title is the same as last weeks… that’s because I am a time traveler who rides around in a Police Box that’s bigger on the inside… Well that or I’m an idiot who gets their dates wrong.

If you are a gamer you probably heard about Ubisoft dethroning EA and Activision in the “worst game publisher ever” award. In Movie news, Sony may or may not be working on an Aunt May movie and Doctor Doom becomes a blogger. Comic book wise Marvel stopped their onslaught of ‘crossover’ announcements and CM Punk is going to write a Thor comic!

All that and more below



The ANTiFangirl talks DC TV

You know what? I’ll eat some dirt on this, I love what is going on with casting rumors for Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie to play Harley Quinn

Ok maybe not TOTALLY in love… Jai Courtney up for Deadshot role in Suicide Squad…

Dish now feuding with CBS possible impending blackout

Mean space man to return to do more Bourne Movies

Sony is working an a pre Spider-Man Aunt May movie….yup

Sony denies said Aunt May movie

Doctor Doom is going to be an angry blogger in the new Fantastic Four movie

Quentin Tarantino is retiring after his tenth movie

Ash vs. The Evil Dead is going to be a Starz series starring Bruce Campbell

Insidious: Chapter 3 is coming out summer 2015

Universal wants to go all the way to Fast and the Furious 10

Chris Nolan talks plot holes, space science and books

The Rock is going to be in a comedy with Kevin Hart called ‘Central Intelligence’

Don’t fret, ‘Creed’ is still coming

James Gunn talks about big vs. small budget films and gives his contractually obligated update to Guardians

Director Lexi Alexander (someone who was never asked) talks about why she would never direct Wonder Woman

The next monster movie “super hero” will be the Wolfman

Interesting and possibly Spoiler-y theory about The Flash

Michelle Maclaren (The Walking Dead) rumored front runner for Wonder Woman director

Everyones favorite Jew hunting Nazi is probably going to be a bad person in James Bond 24

Mark Boal, writer of Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty is going to work on the Uncharted movie

Daniel Bruhl (Rush) is going to be someone in Captain America: Civil War

Extended Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer

Starry Eyes, a SPOOKY horror movie gets a cool trailer and is currently out on VOD

Violent Shit -The Movie

Paul Blart is BACK BABY!


Video Games

X-Bot ANTiFanboy Steve gives his one year report card on the PS4

Telltale Game of Thrones to take place in specific time frame

Gabe from Penny Arcade classifies himself as a Sony Pony

Tony Hawk is coming back

amiibo characters can only hold data for one game

Destiny changes on the way

Wave 2 of amiibos look pretty great

Overwatch will have a story but no single player. Yeah that worked great for Titanfall

New Wii U update will add amiibo support

Just Cause 3 officially announced and no, there will not be any microtransactions

Ubisoft released a technical mess that they call Assassins Creed Unity

Along with patching the game, Ubisoft stated future AC games will have a longer dev time

Bloodborne delayed 1 month

The next Lego franchise we may be seeing is Lego Jurassic Park

Sony introduces Playstation Vue and will for SURE have fair and properly working rental fees

Those GTA V heists are finally coming… you know just in time for the New Gen versions

Tales from the Borderlands details including pricing

Halo: The Masterchief collection has cut it’s playlist down to help with online issues

Apparently League of Legends players are pretty nice… must be those DOTA dick heads

The still not working correctly drive club is giving out free DLC as penance… meanwhile The Witcher 3 devs laugh until they vomit

Never Alone trailer

Tales from the Borderlands gets a trailer


Comic Books

CM Punk, the ex wrestler will be writing a Thor annual

Rob Liefeld thinks that comic books had nothing to do with the Comic Crash in the 90s

Pre-52 set to make an appearance in Convergence  

February is going to be ‘Harley Quinn’ month over at DC

Christopher Priest thinks Marvel should “Hire some actual black people”





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