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Things that happened the week of 01/18/2015

So sometimes I feel like Comics get the short straw when it comes to these weekly updates. I still read, but it’s more of what *actual* newsworthy stuff happens every week in the world of comic books. Well Marvel came up with a big fat news story that I’m not quite sure how to feel days after it’s announcement. Marvel Comics as you know it is ending. The 616 Universe will no longer be. the Ultimate line, will no longer be. What will take their place will be one universe with seemingly the best parts cherry picked. Marvel states this isn’t a reboot and the history will be intact but then again… DC said a lot of the same things and New 52 was and still is a mish mash of plot hole fixes and back tracking.

Also some other cool shit happened but I’m too busy not knowing how to feel right now.



Suicide Squad details with plot points

Will Arnett gets new Netflix show ‘Flaked’

Amazon is getting into the theatrical movie business

Jon Snow thinks Batman should go back to camp

American Horror Story will undergo a “Creative Reboot”

Fox may bring ‘X-Files’ back as a limited series

Powers gets a premiere date (finally!) of March 10th

Somebody explains that weird baby in ‘American Sniper’

Simon Pegg is co-writing (saving) Star Trek 3

So Tom Hardy left Suicide Squad and it looks like Jake Gyllenhaal is passing as well

WB is looking for replacements

But Batman may make a cameo so… there’s that

George Lucas says that Episode VII will be devoid of any of his original ideas

The fight choreographer on Batman V. Superman details how the ‘fight’ will go

Glee actress has been cast as Supergirl

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse has cast it’s new Jean Grey, Scott Summers and Ororo Munroe

Did you know that Aquaman still doesn’t have a director attached yet?

Jessica Lange is leaving American Horror Story

Eli Roth and Keanu Reeves has a sorta NSFW trailer for ‘Knock Knock’
The Walking Dead Season 5 trailer

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 REDBAND trailer

Hannibal Season 3 teaser


 Video Games

Driveclub is getting five free new tracks for you to wait to play until the servers get back on board

Nintendo Club is closing down (because they are the next Ubisoft) but all is not lost

Final Fantasy XV is taking influence from ‘Back to the Future Part II’ of all things

Borderlands is going to show Destiny how loot works with the Borderlands: Handsome Collection

American Counterstrike players are accused of fixing matches at top level competitions

Microsoft introduces “HoloLens” a hologram headset

A “Hands On” account of Microsoft’s Project HoloLens

The Order:1886 goes Gold

Fable Legends will be crossplatform play capable with PC

Windows 10 will be getting an Xbox app

Streaming from PC to the Xbox One is something Microsoft is “interested in”

Find out what you can actually “Do” in No Man’s Sky

APB, a free to play online shooter, is coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Ex Nintendo Indie Boss says that Nintendo is “out of touch”

That Pokemon fighter still exists and here’s a Pikachu trailer

Episode 2 of Telltale’s Game of Thrones is coming out in February
Because talking about HoloLens is pointless. Take a look for yourself

Borderlands is coming to New Gen

Call of Duty Advance Warfare Zombie trailer

The Order:1886 story trailer


Comic Books

The 616 Universe along with the Ultimate Universe is ending and will form a brand new Universe

New Venom design

Comic industry vets react to the Marvel news

DC Comics coming out the month of April 2015

Marvel Comics coming out the month of April 2015

To help crap all over your childhood, Marvel is providing you with an interactive Battleworld map

A lot of Marvel books are finishing up their runs during Secret Wars

Star Wars is still selling like crazy





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