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Things that happened the week of 03/08/2015

I like to think I’m a fairly calm person… However, I tend to lose my mind when things like electronics fail to function correctly. It’s like one second you are fine, the next? Utter madness. I’m by no means computer illiterate, but I can not separate the fact that sometimes things like computers just…break. I can’t do it. My brain freaks out causing me to freak out and not understand nor respect that possibility. What I’m getting at with this pointless factoid is that I would have brought you guys far more information this week if not for the fact that my laptop decided to take a big electronic dump on my life. The upside? I got some quality Kingdom Hearts II playtime in.

Lots of fun stuff this week, the ANTiFangirl makes her glorious return this week, and yours truly does some detective work with the “out of the blue” Ghostbusters announcement. Jason Voorhees is going to be jacking up Ninjas from Outworld, Marvel could be ditching SDCC this year and Groot gets a comic book. All that and more down below.


The ANTiFangirl returns and explains why “The 100” is kind of great

Rogue One will be the first Star Wars Standalone film

Sony forms GHOSTCORPS and announces a new Ghostbusters film

and here we explain why this isn’t people freaking out because there are female Ghostbusters now

Marvel may be skipping SDCC on the movie front, and it may or may not make any sense

HBO NOW signs deal with APPLE 

The Walking Dead Spinoff gets a 2 season order and first images revealed

Do you want to state the obvious?

Netflix to change up “Binge Watching” for some shows

RIP Sam Simon Simpsons Co-Creator

Valiant Comics makes huge movie deal

Looks like Joel Kinnaman is confirmed for Suicide Squad

Lucy Lawless becomes second memorable name in the casting for Ash Vs Evil Dead

Lucifer finds it’s female lead

Hannibal Buress get his own show

Tim Burton is directing the live action Dumbo

Daredevil adds 6 more to the cast

Joe Manganiello may be Deathstroke in the Suicide Squad movie… also Deathstroke is in the movie

John Lasseter & Josh Cooley will be co-directing Toy Story 4

Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark) emerges as frontrunner for Preacher

Full Length Daredevil trailer

A more in depth Tomorrowland trailer

San Andreas Trailer Starring The Rock

Powers Launch Trailer

Hotel Transylvania 2

Inside Out trailer


Video Games

Jason Voorhees joins the tournament for Earthrealm

Octodad coming to Xbox One

Tenbo The Badass Elephant is going to be totally worth your time

Uncharted 4 gets DELAYED until 2016

RUMOR: PS4 Firmware update details

Kudo Tsunoda is getting a promotion

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is getting DLC on the day the HD remaster comes out

Dance Central is getting some fun DLC

Bloodborne Multiplayer explained

Respawn CEO confirms Titanfall 2’s Multiplatform status

Goat Simulator is coming to Xbox

WIP screen shots of Halo ODST on the Master Chief Collection

Slimeball Steve Discusses the Future of Video Games

MKX The Cage Family trailer

Tembo The Badass Elephant

New Lambo DLC for Driveclub

Battlefield: Hardline Launch Trailer

Bloodborne Launch Trailer

Enjoy 7 Minutes Of Mortal Kombat X Story

Jason Voorhees joins Mortal Kombat X

Octodad Xbox One trailer

Tales From the Borderlands Episode Two: Atlas Mugged trailer


Comic Books

Superman and Wonder Woman get new looks

Hal Jordan shows off his new look

Annnnd so does Batman!

Groot is getting his own comic because He is Groot

Scottie Young is bringing Little Marvels Back

DC June 2015 Solicits

Walt Simonson is annoyed with DC

Joker is the DC Variant Theme in June

The 90s Cartoon X-Men are coming back

Marvel Announces “Star Wars: Shattered Empire”




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