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Unmasked Deadpool Set Photos

I have a love/hate relationship with set photos. One one hand they are fun and everybody likes to sneak a peek once or twice. On the other hand… they kind of ruin things, or give off false impressions. Remember the hate that the Ultron set photos got? Or how about Doctor Doom? Blegh, so OBVIOUSLY a blurry¬†Deadpool set photo from afar isn’t conducive¬†to what the final product will look like but sometimes it is fun. Anybody with an internet connection either knows or can find out what the deal is with Wade Wilson’s jacked up face so the only real mystery was if this Deadpool was going to look anything like that other guy in Wolverine. Thankfully it’s not and we get a gross Al Simmons looking guy but one that’s you know… fun.







What you guys think?




Photo Source: Just Jared



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