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Check Out Photos From Suicide Squad & Star Wars The Force Awakens

Warner Brothers is a big fan of Twitter and have used the platform for big announcements for what seems like every other day. Recently Suicide Squad director David Ayer tweeted out a full photo of the squad all decked out in full costume.

In addition it’s also May 4th at the date of this article which means Star Wars gets it’s own fan made holiday and what better chance does one have but to blow up the internet with photos of their own.

What follows is a collections of both official and set photos for the two big movies.

Captain Phasma2

Captain Phasma in her chrome-y goodness

star wars 1 star wars 3

Yes that does look to be Kylo Ren unmasked

Yes that does look to be Kylo Ren unmasked

Now for some Suicide Squad


The squad seems way too into local baseball for my liking

Suicide Squad Deadshot

I dig the look, but his head reminds me of a soccer ball

And now for some fun grainy set photos


Suicide Squad1 Suicide Squad


Suicide Squad2





Source: Set Photos S. Fernandez



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