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Things That Happened The Week Of 06/28/2015

Another week in the can and another round of some legitimately interesting news. Kevin Feige explains what happened to those “one shots”, we got a cool ‘Creed’ trailer that is good enough that it makes you wonder why Rocky was in it at all.  On the games end, we got the full ‘Uncharted 4’ E3 demo and it stole my soul, it was so good and Slimeball Steve gives us his HOT take on Final Fantasy VII. High profile comic book departures occur with Rick Remender and Kieron Gillen both announcing them leaving Marvel this week.

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Ghostbusters outfits and proton packs revealed

Check out the official ‘Creed’ Trailer and discussions right here

Guardians of the Galaxy sequel titled ‘Volume 2’

Guillermo Del Toro departs ‘Justice League Dark’

Robert Zemeckis says that he would have to be dead for a ‘Back to the Future’ remake to happen

JK Simmons and Michael Keaton both exit ‘Kong: Skull Island’

Michael Bay is working on a ‘Birds’ remake

Kevin Feige updates us on what happened to those ‘One Shots’

Paul Thomas Anderson is writing a ‘Pinocchio’ movie with Robert Downey Jr in mind

Zack Synder defends ‘Man of Steel’ ending

‘Selma’ director kills the rumor that she is directing ‘Black Panther’

I am Chris Farley Documentary Trailer

Ten Thousand Saints Trailer

‘Steve Jobs’ Trailer



Neve Campbell joins ‘House of Cards’

‘South Park’ creators say that they will keep going until they are cancelled

Marvel reportedly having trouble cracking ‘Iron Fist’

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp


Video Games

Slimeball Steve explains why Final Fantasy VII SUCKS

Have a religious experience and watch the FULL 15 minutes of the ‘Uncharted 4’ demo

The PS Plus Games for July 2015

Nolan North says up to 8 months of Uncharted 4 “throw out” after series writer Amy Hennig left Naughty Dog

Nolan North ALSO says that Naughty Dog is working on ‘The Last of Us’ sequel

Shovel Knight getting physical release

Nintendo remains tonedeaf ‘Dark Pitt’ amiibo exclusive to Best Buy

Fan support is to blame/thank for why ‘The Last Guardian’ never died

RUMOR: WB Games knew about the poor state of Arkham Knight on PC

Batgirl DLC dated and priced

Minecraft Storymode from Telltale


Comic Books

Rick Remender is taking a break from Marvel comics

All New All Amazing Spider-Man

Kieron Gillen is ALSO taking a break from superheroes

Check out the officially (no longer leaked) list of New Marvel titles

Grant Morrison to work on Santa Claus comic because he’s Grant Morrison

Silk to become a villain

UNCONFIRMED: Comixology to introduce a ‘Netflix’ style subscription plan

Old Man Logan joins ‘Xtraordinary X-Men’

Famous comic book artist Arthur Suydam is apparently a table stealing jerk

Read about ‘We are Robin’

Brian K Vaughan to write a ‘Walking Dead’ arc





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