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AFB’s Top 5: Game Controllers

4. Super Nintendo Controller

“Sega thought they were some dickswinging badasses with a whopping THREE buttons”

4. Super Nintendo Controller

[avatar user=”Devon” size=”50″ align=”left”]Devon[/avatar]Devon: This, much like the original NES controller gets some points for nostalgia alone but lets not kid ourselves. This is a kick ass controller. The NES had two buttons and when the Sega Genesis came out they thought they were some dickswinging badasses with a whopping THREE buttons. Well Nintendo proved they could count to four and added the L and R shoulder buttons for good measure. The placement of the face buttons seems like a precursor to Nintendo not conforming to what everyone else did with the standard NSEW layout. The buttons work and feel well placed but it was just different enough from the standard ABC of the Genesis to stand out and still be functional.

The extra face button and the introduction of shoulder buttons gave a lot of freedom to developers to make their game layouts a little more complex. I remember fondly smooshing those shoulder buttons to switch from items to equipment layouts on my Squaresoft RPGs. Nintendo hit the sweet spot with four face buttons and L&R shoulders and the influence on gaming controllers from here on out is plain to see.

[avatar user=”admin” size=”50″ align=”right”]Steve[/avatar]Steve: Remember how after this happened and fighting games got big on the SNES, Sega tried to whip out their dick again with a 6 button controller with shoulder but it just didn’t catch on. The 6 button Sega controller was just trying to play catch up but was too small for its own good. The SNES controller cemented layouts we still use as Devon mentioned. Hell, the Wii’s Classic Controller was essentially just an SNES controller but with sticks.

[avatar user=”Jon” size=”50″ align=”left”]Jon[/avatar]Jon: I used to laugh at my cousin’s house when we would try to play Street Fighter Championship Edition on their three button homeless Sega Genesis controllers.  I still remember before the six button Genesis controller came out, we had to hit the start button to switch the three buttons from punch to kick.  This is definitely a homeless person style of play for fighting games.  I also remember taking a shit on my cousins and saying how much better the SNES was because of the button layout.  This button layout is still used by all types of controllers/pads today and with good reason.  Add to that the definitive design of a directional pad and you have yourself a near perfect controller.  The best part? my SNES controller still works today.  And I will still body anyone and everyone in Super Tennis.  Including you, Tombox.

[avatar user=”Devon” size=”50″ align=”right”]Devon[/avatar]Devon: @Jon to be fair most controllers would still work today if you plugged them in. It’s not like people are going around pouring coffee on all the controllers we don’t use anymore.

[avatar user=”admin” size=”50″ align=”left”]Steve[/avatar]Steve: So we aren’t pouring coffee into controllers anymore?

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