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AFB’s Top 5: Game Controllers

2. Sony Dualshock 2

AKA The first DVD remote most people owned

2. Sony Dualshock 2

[avatar user=”Devon” size=”50″ align=”left”]Devon[/avatar]Devon:  This should really include the Dual Shock 1 as well as it is basically the same controller sans analog button and a new coat of paint. The fact that this was the controller for the PS2 goes to show how great the design was originally and it was on the PS2 that we really saw the best usage for the twin sticks.. This thing brings back so many memories of dominance and what gaming was in the early 2000s with the iconic “triangle square circle X” symbols.

Form fitting and the first “dual analog” controller to get it right. This layout was a huge deal for players and game designers alike as there was finally an additional stick to move that pesky camera around. It’s rumble kicked ass giving the controller real weight and the d-pad was choice for non fighting stick gamers.

There is still some debate as to who has the best stick placement and while I side with the 360 controller it’s really no problem for my hands to get comfortable when I pick up my ps2 controller. Like I said earlier they were the first to get it right and Microsoft basically improved on it.

If there’s one real sore spot is that the design is almost TOO GOOD allowing Sony to get lazy and basically clone this controller and add weird floppy triggers and added the six axis gimmick that made me think it was a Nintendo product.

[avatar user=”Jon” size=”50″ align=”right”]Jon[/avatar]Jon: The d-pad is STILL among the first choices for fighting game pad players.

[avatar user=”Admin” size=”50″ align=”left”]Steve[/avatar]Steve: AKA The first DVD remote most people owned. I remember when the original Dualshock came out for Playstation and I was BAFFLED at why they needed the other stick. It seems so obvious now but at the time, it was a weird foreign thing that must have only be used for Ape Escape. You were so stupid, Lil’ Steve.

I still don’t like the lower placement of the left analog stick though. It’s why I don’t prefer Sony Controllers. Sony gets so rooted in a tradition, that they just end up sticking with something forever rather than improving it like sticking a slightly-tweaked PSP interface on evvvvverything for the next 10 years. BUT I tried to play MGS3: Snake Eater on my XBOX 360 and just felt dirty because I wasn’t using a Dualshock 2 with it’s pressure-sensitive face buttons.

Dualshock 2 > Dualshock 3 > Six Axis

[avatar user=”Jon” size=”50″ align=”right”]Jon[/avatar]Jon: A great controller but honestly the same design as the Dual Shock 1 so in my opinion unnecessary.  I’m a firm believer of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but the ergonomics of the original Dual Shock were not perfect and some improvements could have been made to this controller and to the Dual Shock 3/Six-Axis as well.  There is nothing worse than having both a PS2 and PS3 and not being able to tell the difference between the controllers.  It is purely cosmetic but come on Sony, don’t get lazy.

[avatar user=”Devon” size=”50″ align=”left”]Devon[/avatar]Devon: @Jon here’s how you could tell. One had a cord and the other didn’t.

[avatar user=”admin” size=”50″ align=”right”]Steve[/avatar]Steve: Taste.

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