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AFB’s Top 5: Game Controllers

1. Xbox 360 Controller

“Fuck getting up and pressing that off button, I live in the future grandpa.”

1. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (TIED)

[avatar user=”admin” size=”50″ align=”left”]Steve[/avatar]Steve: How did Microsoft go from what most say was the worst gaming controller with the Xbox’s giant Shaq-sized monster controller to this sexy dreamboat right here? A controller has got to be good when even PC gamers, the same ones who decry everything console gaming stands for, prefer to use it for certain games. It’s a mystery to me but Microsoft did the unthinkable with the Xbox 360 controller.

The form and button layouts are nearly perfect. The shoulder triggers and buttons are done right and most importantly, it melts into your hands so long-gaming sessions aren’t crampfest ‘99. It’s as close as you can get to a mouse and keyboard for console first-person shooters and becomes its own mythical beast of legend for other game genres.

There are a few missteps made though. The d-pad is not satisfying to use and the Xbox button accidentally gets hit often upon complicated movements due to its location but those are the only complaints. That’s it!

The Xbox 360 controller definitely deserves a spot in the controller hall of fame. Microsoft nailed it on the third try and why fix what wasn’t broken so they made the Xbox One controller just a honed-version of the 360 controller. People will be looking to this design when it comes to game controller design for a long time to come.

[avatar user=”Devon” size=”50″ align=”right”]Devon[/avatar]Devon: Microsoft broke the mold with this one. For my money the best controller to ever grace a console. It’s simple, effective and has all those fun futures of its forebearers while adding a neat guide button.

With it’s big colorful buttons where if you couldn’t memorize the letters you at least had the colors to go off of. Shoulder buttons that feel good and have that satisfying ‘click’ noise. These give way to the best triggers you can find on a controller. The stick layout is pretty much perfect and go right where your thumbs should go with no hand repositioning needed. The most unique thing is the guide button which has helpful light prompts to tell you if you are player 1-4 and I always got this strange satisfaction when I would gain an achievement and be able to press guide to see exactly what I got. I could shut off the system or controller from a distance which I think a lot of people overlook because FUCK getting up and pressing that off button, I live in the future grandpa.

While the guide button is really the only unique thing about the controller where it succeeds is that it is able to combine all of the best parts of past controllers into one. Dual Analog and superior placement?? Got it from the Xbox small controller. Rumble? Thank you N64. Wireless? I’m in your Nintendo stealing all your Wavebirds.

[avatar user=”Jon” size=”50″ align=”left”]Jon[/avatar]Jon: Now a lot of people will hate on the original Xbox controller but as a blueprint for the Xbox 360 Controller, a lot has to be said.  The stick layout, stick sensitivity and triggers revolutionized console gaming and made First Person Shooters playable on consoles and in some ways and opinions, overtook the mouse and keyboard norm.  The 360 was proof that that type of controller could work and was a refined (mastered) version of it, adding wireless capabilities and pressure sensitivity.  They took a couple of pages out of the Playstation book and the Nintendo book and created a beautiful piece of industrial design, helping them take the Video Game Industry by the balls in it’s generation.

There you have it.  The ANTiFanboy Top Five Video Game Controllers OF ALL TIME.  Well Top 6 because there was a deadheat tie for #1.  I know all of you Sony Ponies and Xbots out there love your next gen controllers but we seriously could not include them in our ranking (which had 8 total controllers) because it would not be a fair assessment at this point in time.

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