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ANTiFanfix: Batman Eternal #33 “Review”

Fun Parts

  • Hardcore S.W.A.T. guy jumps out of a helicopter and shieldbashes batman into a window. SWATman lost, but was tough enough to get rid of Batman’s cape at least, that doesn’t happen everyday
  • Hush puts Bard in his place


Stupid Parts

  • Feels like the issue is just cleaning up.  More or less, literally
  • Where the fuck is Tim Drake, seriously? His side story is the only one that has an even worse track record than the Arkham Magic story. Tim Drake is the new earthquake. And they rhyme, yay

Horrifying Paraphrase of The Week/Prediction

Batman: Thanks for helping me destroy my weapon caches manually with the acid fail-safe Julia.
Julia: No problem, I have lots of training in stuff. It’s too bad you don’t know a bunch of people who can help with this since there’s a lot of ground to cover.
Batman: Yeah, hopefully they’re not going to be tied up in one of these and I accidentally dump acid on them, that would make for a horrifying twist.

Important Parts

  • Wayne Enterprises is in hot water for being a part of Batman’s exploding weapon caches
  • Batman and Julia dismantle Batman’s weapon caches
  • Hush finds Julia by herself at a weapon cache (she has way more training than Stephanie Brown, so I can’t wait to not see the expression on Hush’s face when he gets ass-kicked)


This guy needs to be a recurring villain. SWATman.

This guy needs to be a recurring villain. SWATman.



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