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ANTiFanfix: Batman Eternal #41 “Review”

Fun Parts

  • Some progress. Really scraping all of the barrel here

Stupid Parts

  • “Tim”, or more accurately the writers, thinking Row-One is a valid radio name. Say it out loud. See? It’s confusing
  • Harper’s hero design. Look at those little straps, dominatrix lingerie is not cool. When she’s normal Harper, her hair is textbook normal in comparison to when she suits up, and it becomes ridiculous.  At least Batman doesn’t feel it when someone violently tugs at his cape.  I’ve seen her getup in the Batman Endgame flash forward, but I assumed they drew her weird one time
  • The story arc: See Rant
Harper Row: Dominatrix Porn Star. I didn't mind her becoming a sidekick until just now.

Harper Row: Dominatrix Porn Star. I didn’t mind her becoming a sidekick until just now.

Paraphrase of The Week

Cancelled due to rants taking too much space. Ipayperwordtohavethesearticlesup

Important Stuff

  • The Mad Hatter is the guy behind the techno virus. Allegedly. Until they reveal someone else is above even him, regardless of what his wordplay implies
  • Red Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood have been taken over by the virus
  • Stephanie Brown was captured by a guy we can assume works for Selina Kyle
Yeah, whatever, so it's you who's been doing it right? Or do you have a boss also?

Yeah, whatever, so it’s you who’s been doing it right? Or do you have a boss also?


BE41-rant time

People who have read more than three of these articles know I have little faith and patience for the writing in this series. Take this issue for example:

We finally get back to a plot point that was started early on in Batman Eternal, then promptly forgotten: Tim Drake and Harper Row vs. The Techno Nano Virus.

Tim assembles a team of him, Batgirl, and Red Hood, with Harper Row on…cyberwatch? The three Bat-kids infiltrate a factory that is the source of the virus, where they find out the Mad Hatter is behind the virus.  It’s offhandedly mentioned that Dr Falsario (the guy who made Jim Gordon do bad stuff by accident) must have stolen his technology. Thanks for tying up THAT loose end.

The three of former sidekicks end up getting converted into slaves by the end of the issue. They spent all that time not showing a progression in that plot, only to have it be stunted again by making most of the characters lose instantly. This would have been fine if you had this happen months ago. I would have accepted it as a valid reason for them to be doing nothing, because they’d be incapacitated.

At the very least they could have modeled it like the Arkham plot (yeah, I know I hated what they did, I was there). We see Batwing and Jim Corrigan do stuff, then they get trapped and cut off from communications.  They went back to the once in a while to progress the plot, even if it was rare at best, but it madesense.

Sergei is still nowhere to be seen even though we saw them take him away from Tokyo. Stay tuned for when they even remember he exists.

This is why I never give this series the benefit of the doubt.  They have no plan. You don’t get this far and go, oh yeah, things were happening before, remember? Let’s get back to that.

While I’m on the subject, apparently bounty hunters have been trying, and failing at capturing Stephanie Brown until just now. Imagine how cool it would have been to actually see that. Now imagine how that’s possible since she has no training and her only take-down is her dumbass dad.

Batman Eternal Drinking Game

#Bat-Porn x2. One for Harper’s design, and one for Techno Virus Tentacle Hentai

I've heard of enough tentacle hentai to assume where this is going, #Bat-Porn.

I’ve heard about enough tentacle hentai from other people to assume where this is going, #Bat-Porn.



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