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ANTiFangirl: Comic Books You’re Gonna Wanna Read!

Caught up on comics last week and thought I would talk about some of the new ones that are out that are definitely worth checking out.

We all know that Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye is phenomenal, Mark Waid’s Daredevil is great, and Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Captain Marvel is pushing some awesome limits, but there are a few comics that are out these days that are really good that I feel like not a lot of people are talking about. Sadly, I’m not reading any titles by DC due to the horrendous new 52.

One of my recommended reads, if you’re not yet reading it, is Ben Templesmith and J.Michael Straczynski’s Ten Grand. I’m a huge fan anyway of Templesmith’s art and how his art and the story he is working on mesh well together. Ten Grand, a supernatural love story features Joe Fitzgerald, a character who is able to tap into paranormal and otherworldly powers in order to solve certain mysteries for a fee of ten thousand, hence the name of the book Ten Grand. It’s an awesome book that is unlike anything I am reading now, one because of the art, but also because the story is both horror filled and heartbreaking.

For Marvel fans, if you love anything to do with the outer space world and Thanos, then Thanos Rising is a great comic. It’s a great book regardless, the story of how to build a super villain. With art by Simone Bianchi and written by Jason Aaron, Thanos Rising tells the story of how Thanos goes from a baby to one of Marvel’s most colorful villains. It reveals why Thanos is so obsessed with pleasing Death, and why he wants her to love him. It breaks down his character and introduces comic book readers to where Thanos was born and how he was raised.

Brian Wood has two comics out right now that are both worth checking out. One comic falls under Female Protagonist territory called Mara. Mara is an athlete, a star, and is seen as a hero to the world, until she starts showing signs that she is more than human. Mara stands for a symbol of hope until she begins to show super speed, strength, and flight is seen as a threat. Although she never threatens anyone, the world, especially military forces immediately marks her as a threat. It begs the question of, if the world had gotten to know Superman, would they have been as grateful for him if the world had known him first, and then he revealed he was superhuman? Or would the world have felt like they needed to defend themselves?

The other Brian Wood book that is worth the read is the dystopia styled The Massive. After an incident occurs where “…the earth, settled into the mantle. The sea rose to complete the job. From the Carolinas to the eastern provinces and inland to I-95, the earth itself is completely compromised.” The only way now to get around the planet is by ships. This isn’t the Kevin Costner Waterworld, but more a realistic view of what would happen if the world became flooded. It’s a dark world with pretty good characters but a far more interesting backdrop. Including, for Shark Week fans, an awesome issue where a giant sea monster of a shark comes into play.

Also if you’re not reading both Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers then you are definitely missing out on a great Marvel story. I don’t want to give away too much, but all I have to say is “multiverse”. And if the story is headed where I think it’s going then it’s going to be pretty awesome. I also think that one of the reasons why Marvel is doing so well compared to DC right now is due mostly to story, but they are also unafraid to create new characters and to build on old ones, which is another reason why Avengers and New Avengers is so good, there’s no fear of imagination.

Thanks for reading! And I hope you guys check out some new reads and feel free to throw me suggestions here or on twitter! @RicksRightHand



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