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ANTiFangirl: Comic Books!

Happy April! I thought about talking about the How I Met Your Mother Series Finale, since I enjoy the reactions of fandoms so much, but I didn’t want to go into a rant that everybody else has gone into about how terrible it was, and it was terrible. Instead I’m going to talk about last week’s comics and my top five picks in no particular order.

Silver Surfer #1: Story being told by Dan Slott and Michael Allred. Dan Slott of course of Superior Spider-Man fame leads the way in creating a Silver Surfer book. The only other time that I have seen the Silver Surfer has been in Marvel’s Annihilation run which I thought was absolutely spectacular. I’ve always been a fan of the weary, lonely traveller who goes through space and was capable of cutting himself away as one of Galactus’s heralds. Dan Slott’s deconstruction of Spider-Man gives me hope that he will be able to breathe life into a character that spends a lot of time in the background. The first issue has the Silver Surfer being nominated into the roll of champion of The Impericon, an impossible planet forced to defend itself against The Never Queen. While being the champion of their world, a sensor known as The Motivator, holds someone that the Silver Surfer cares about as a hostage until he destroys The Never Queen. The twist comes when The Motivator imprisons a young woman named Dawn, who the Silver Surfer does not know. I’m very interested in Dan Slott writing this character and am excited to see where the series is going to go.

The Superior Spider-Man #30: So, bit of a spoiler alert, it is the end of the reign of Otto Octavius playing in the role of Peter Parker. The comic is written by Dan Slott who has managed to not only change my mind about how great Otto Octavius has been, but also made me feel very sad that Peter Parker returns at the end of the issue. It was a great run that could have been terrible. Otto Octavius seeing how hard it is to do the right thing, to be able to make the proper sacrifices, to see the world through Peter Parker’s eyes, was both heartbreaking and self realizing, as he comes to conclusion that the only way that his true love can be saved is if he allows Peter Parker back as Spider-Man. In what I thought as a heartbreaking moment, Otto let’s go slowly erasing himself from Peter’s mind so that Parker can take over, and admits that Peter Parker is the Superior Spider-Man before disappearing. The entire run was great and was a great deconstruction of what makes a villain and what makes a hero. I’ll read Peter Parker as Spider-Man since I have come to enjoy Dan Slott as a writer, and I hope that Peter takes something away from Otto being in his mind.

Avengers Assemble #25: Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Warren Ellis. The last couple of issues have focused in on Spider-Girl and her initiation into The Avengers. The last couple issues have her working alongside Iron Man to Wolverine to Black Widow to Spider-Woman to Captain America to Captain Marvel. Each one giving her a lesson in how to be a better hero. She is on the hunt to find a Terrigenesis cocoon due to the Inhumanity story run. Eventually, she finds herself up against a foe who is attacking AIM, where the cocoon is located. She wins the battle in a clever way and earns the respect of the team. It’s a great coming into herodom story and focuses in on a teenage girl who is youthful and smart, and must prove herself amongst Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Daredevil #1: Being written by Mark Waid, Daredevil has moved himself out of New York and into San Fransisco. At the end of the last run, Matt Murdock revealed himself to actually be Daredevil to the world so legally he can’t work in New York anymore, hence the move. Instead of loathing him or tearing him apart for being a vigilante, the San Fransisco Police Department utilizes him. The first issue has him helping out with a kidnapping of a little girl. While going over the kidnapper’s note, he is able to sense things that a Forensics Lab may miss, and brings with him all of the knowledge he has of being a lawyer as well. While on the hunt for the kidnapper, he finds himself reminiscing about how he became Daredevil and about New York City. He monologues about how important New York was to him and how much different San Fransisco is. I highly recommend the book if you like the previous Daredevil run. It’s both smart and entertaining.

Ms. Marvel #1&2: Written by G. Willow Wilson and parts 1 & 2 of a 5 part story entitled Metamorphosis. Another story of a coming into herodom told from the point of view of a young woman. Her name is Kamala and she finds herself in an interesting position. She adores The Avengers and wishes herself to one day be a hero. She idolizes Captain Marvel and wishes to be her. To go along with the Inhumanity story arc, after sneaking out of her parent’s house to go to a party, the Terrigen Mists show up over the field in which the party is taking place. Kamala, is revealed to be an Inhuman, when she awakens out of a Terrigenesis Cocoon. At first she awakens looking just like Ms. Marvel in her old costume, and then Kamala begins to realize that she is in fact a shape shifter. She tries to test out her abilities when a girl, who was cruel to her at the party, almost drowns. She saves her dressed just like Ms. Marvel, and takes off before drawing too much attention to herself. It’s a very endearing comic, that has you feeling for this poor girl who is trying to figure out how she fits into the world now. I thought it was pretty cool that they pulled in the Inhumanity run and created a character who wasn’t completely helpless, but rises to the occasion to become a hero.

Honorable Mentions Worth Checking Out: Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel #1, Peter David’s All New X-Factor #4 & 5, Brain Wood’s The Massive #21, Robert Kirkman’s Invincible #109, Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead #123 & 124, Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers #15 & 16, and Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman #2.

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