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Got around to picking up comic books this weekend. So here are my top picks for the week.

The New X-Factor #1-3: Peter David ended Jamie Madrox’s X-Factor team and now he’s restarting it. This time Polaris is the head of the team and she is joined by Quicksilver and Gambit. The group Serval Industries run by Harrison Snow buys the rights to the name X-Factor and becomes the beneficiary for the team, who are suspected to bring in three more members, one of which maybe Danger. David has a great gift in writing characters that you might not have thought about twice and giving them a powerful personality. Characters that might have once been considered a joke like Longshot or Strong Guy. The book is mainly narrated by Gambit as he becomes a new member of the team. Gambit doesn’t really have the same voice as Jamie Madrox, where Jamie came at things with a lot of heart, Gambit is a bit salty and sarcastic. It seems pretty cool, and of course, Serval Industries is up to their own devices and is using X-Factor for their own means, so I’m sure that will end well.

Saga #18: As always Saga is on my list, written by Brian K. Vaughan and art by Fiona Staples. The book’s universe is complicated and fun and there are plenty of colorful characters. The book is filled with sex and violence but also love and loyalty. Every character seems to have their own code on which they live their lives and how they survive in a universe that almost seems to be unlivable, with the amount of enemy lines that are drawn, and how many dangerous characters are out there. It tells the story of Alana and Marko as they are on the run with their baby, Hazel, who is the narrator of the story. It’s a great book that you should definitely get into.

Daredevil #35-36: Foggy’s got cancer, Matt Murdock’s dealing pretty heavily with the Serpent Society, and Elektra shows up to help Matt decide what he should do. The comic is written by Mark Waid and these two issues ended a storyline in order to reboot another, where Daredevil will be heading to San Francisco. The two issues have Matt being blackmailed by an important member of the Serpent Society, who is looking for Matt to represent his son. Matt of course refuses, so the Serpent Society tells him that they know he’s Daredevil and they have plenty of proof to prove it, and of course they are holding Foggy’s life in their hands. Matt and Elektra spar and she’s very well written in this issue where she asks Matt why it is she wins all the time, and he explains when it comes to which side she attacks from, “Neither. You never attack from a direction I could guess. That’s why you don’t lose.” This leads to Matt spilling the beans to a court filled with press that he is actually Daredevil, and his explanation for why he would go to such great lengths to hide his identity is pretty impressive and awesome. It’s a great way to end the run and I hope you guys check it out. Mark Waid’s Daredevil is pretty amazing.

Fantastic Four #16 and FF (Future Foundation) #16: The new Fantastic Four and Future Foundation both ended their runs in these issues. Matt Fraction writes both these books and I have to say I was not as much a fan of Fraction’s Fantastic Four as I was of Jonathan Hickman. Fraction leaves a few holes in the finished story, including one of the reasons that Mr. Fantastic takes his family out into space in the first place, in order to cure whatever is ailing the Fantastic Four’s powers. I apologize if they did in fact cure this, but I’m pretty sure they haven’t, they were all pretty distracted by Doctor Doom destroying the world. The ending felt a little rushed but it made my top picks because I was really into the new Future Foundation since the team included characters like Scott Lang as Ant Man, who figures out a new way to use Pym Particles. I also like the fact that the Future Foundation is made up of all these genius kids who belong to famous characters across the planet. It also ended on a pretty high note. It ends with what the base of the Fantastic Four is, which is about the importance of family.

Definitely honorable mentions to check out are Star Wars by Brian Wood, Brian Wood’s all female X-Men team, and definitely both New Avengers and Avengers. I hope you guys check out some of these titles and always feel free to recommend books I should be reading! Thanks for reading!



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