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ANTiFangirl: Female Protagonists: Comics!

Happy Saturday! I wanted to say first that I have been very excited to see that San Diego Comic Con, which happened last weekend was so female oriented. I watched plenty of panels on Monday from Marvel, to the Women Kicking Ass, to Community, to The Legend of Korra, and others. I also got comics last week, about three months worth and here are my top lady centric pics and honorable mentions I think you guys should check out.

Black Widow- Issues 6,7,& 8 Written by Nathan Edmondson and drawn by Phil Noto, Black Widow’s solo book is one of the best spy action books you can read right now. The book captures the character of Black Widow perfectly as a loner doing a different job each issue, but with a larger story being put in place. For those who are fans of the Black Widow in The Avengers without ever knowing anything else about the character would love this portrayal. She’s bad ass and is capable of taking a punch as well as giving one. Her “I am alone” attitude keeps her alive as just these three issues travel from New York, San Francisco, and Prague with guest appearances from Daredevil, Maria Hill, Hawkeye, and the Winter Soldier.

Ms. Marvel- Issues 4,5,& 6 Written by Willow Wilson, and art by Adrian Alphona, while Jacob Wyatt does art for Issue 6. Ms. Marvel also known as Kamala Khan was effected by the Terrigen Mists and was transformed from a regular girl to an Inhuman who has shape shifting capabilities. She chooses to take on the image of the Carol Danvers’ Ms. Marvel. In doing so, she takes on being a hero to help out a friend, whose brother has been hanging around the wrong crowd. After getting shot accidentally, she realizes that when she reverts back to her normal image she is able to have healing capabilities. She also finally shares her secret with someone else so she can get extra help in figuring out what it is she’s capable of and to make sure that there’s back up in case she gets too in over her own head. What’s great about her character is that she reacts to things the way a teenager would. In issue 6 she runs into Wolverine, and the two form an unlikely bond and team against alligators in the sewer and eventually a mutated alligator. Kamala admits to Wolverine that “I totally put you first in my fantasy hero team-up bracket!”

Captain Marvel- Issues 3,4,& 5 Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and art by David Lopez, there is a reason that Carol Corps is a trending topic out there in the world amongst guys and girls. Carol Danvers is an awesome inspiration who kicks ass and takes on overwhelming challenges. What’s great is that Kelly Sue has managed to do something that I thought that DC should have done with Wonder Woman, she takes her away from the big team of the Avengers and puts her out into space. Captain Marvel’s mission is to bring an alien girl named Tic back to her home world and in doing so gets herself in the middle of a dispute between other races causing her to form her own team of misfit toys in order to solve the problem. On her own, Captain Marvel is awesome, and takes on challenges that are overwhelming even when she’s told she isn’t allowed to do it. Her moral code forces her to make her own decisions in order to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Elektra- Issues 2&4 Written by W. Haden Blackman and art by Michael Del Mundo has Elektra on Monster Island. Similar to that of Black Widow, Elektra is a character best working alone. It captures her character and her narrative voice is amazing and emotionally striking, as she fights against the demons in her past while fighting the real life dangers in front of her. While the older Elektra series portrayed her more as a villain, this series portrays her more as an antihero.

Inhuman- Issue 2 Written by Charles Soule and art by Joe Madureira is the new run telling the story of how the Inhumans are going to rebuild their empire after Black Bolt supposedly sacrificed himself to release the Terrigen Mists throughout earth, creating new Inhumans all over the planet. The way the Terrigen Mists work is that the Inhumans are raised to believe in the Terrigen Mists as their future, and though they are born looking human once they hit their teenage years they are to go through the Mists in order to be transformed into their true selves. Black Bolt releasing the Mists without the delicate process is going to create new villains and new heroes. The spotlight in the series so far is Medusa. I am a huge Inhumans fan and I love the relationship between Medusa and Black Bolt. With Black Bolt supposedly dead, even though we all know he isn’t, Medusa takes on the main role as queen of the Inhumans. Although Inhumans #1 was okay, Inhumans #2 definitely picks up with having her character holding up the strength of her kingdom and even going toe to toe with Captain America. In the issue Captain America offers to help her find the other Inhumans, but due to the code of the Inhumans, Medusa refuses his help. When AIM attempts to steal pieces of the Attilan wreckage left behind by the Terrigen bomb, Medusa has no choice but to accept Captain America’s help to protect it. There’s a great scene where everyone gets clear when an AIM Mark IX shows up, Cap tells Medusa they need to fall back, but Medusa runs towards it and takes it down with her hair manacles. They defend the piece which turns out to be a piece of the ship that’s useless now and won’t be able to operate. Captain America asks Medusa why she would defend a piece of the ship that is rendered useless, Medusa answers him, “It is Attilan.” She makes a public message at the end stating that all new formed Inhumans have a home amongst their kingdom.

Honorable mentions you guys should check out: Moon Knight by Warren Ellis, Invincible by Robert Kirkman, the New X-Factor by Peter David, The Wicked and The Divine by Kieron Gillen and art by Jamie McKelvie, Saga by Brian K. Vaughan with art by Fiona Staples, Mark Waid’s Daredevil, Judge Dredd Issue #21, and New Avengers.

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