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ANTiFangirl: Green Lantern the Animated Series!

“There’s a storm coming, brother, and the galaxy will need everyone of a strong and true heart to survive.” -Saint Walker

I started watching Green Lantern the Animated Series last year during DC Nation Saturday mornings. During a terrible hangover, I threw on the TV which was already on the Cartoon Network (of course), and before I was about to change it GLTAS came on.

The first thing I saw was a Steam Punk Lantern fighting robots. A steam operated lantern who is fighting robots in a nineteen hundred English time period, what? Was I not going to sit down and continue to watch this? Catching the last ten minutes, Hal Jordan explains to the villain and Steam Punk Lantern what a hero is and also saves an entire planet.

At the time I didn’t know what the plot was but eventually found out that Hal Jordan gets sent into an alternate universe where the world is dying. In the episode Hal manages to power up his ring just strong enough to be able to move the alternate world to his present universe. While moving the world to safety, Hal is losing power in his ring and yells at himself to “do better!”

The series was developed by Bruce Timm, Giancarlo Volpe, and Jim Krieg. Of course we all know Bruce Timm from such cartoons like Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, and both Justice League and JL: Unlimited.

The series follows Hal Jordan as he leads a small crew on board a spaceship called The Interceptor into deep space, to find a way to fight and destroy the Red Lanterns led by Atrocitus. The small crew consists of an awesome Kilowog, Razer, a Red Lantern who Atrocitus personally creates but defects against the Red Lantern Corps, and Aya, the Interceptor’s AI, who later grows her own body out of Green Lantern energy.

Every episode of this series has an amazing moment that fans of both Green Lantern and awesome TV would love. Both Razer and Aya are both amazing characters added to the DC universe and I dare you to not have an incredible amount of “feels” for the both of them.

Eventually a war between the Red Lantern Corps and the Green Lanterns happens and the Blue Lantern Corps is brought into the mix. Kilowog has to protect a barrier in space from an entire army of Red Lanterns and Saint Walker, the first Blue Lantern, and Mogo a living planet who is also a Green Lantern shows up to defend it. Kilowog: “I’ve gotta say, Jordan, you are gathering one unorthodox team.”

The show also brings in familiar characters like Carol Ferris, who appears later on in the series as a Star Sapphire, Guy Gardner, and Sinestro.

The middle of the series turns and begins to focus in on the Manhunters who were created by the Guardians. Eventually the Anti-monitor, a creature that feeds off of everything begins to attack the universe. This leads to a series of emotional events including an awesome space battle between the entire Green Lantern Corps and an army of Manhunters. And all of it leads to the revealing of the very beginning of the universe.

Although the show was cancelled, it ends on a really high and very heartfelt note. The entire series is available on Amazon Instant Video. I also stumbled on free episodes on IMDB.

I hope you guys check it out! And thanks for reading!



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