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ANTiFangirl: Happy Holidays Edition! 10 Graphic Novels that would make Great Gifts for Anyone!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and everyone is enjoying the opening of the Holiday Season! I’m a big fan of Christmas and I am also a Christmas Eve Birthday so I try to make the best out of the holidays. So I thought that I would talk about some great graphic novels that would make great gifts for anybody. And graphic novels that will turn not comic book fans into comic book fans. These are in no particular order but I think they are all great picks for great gifts, especially if your doing a “grab gift” or “secret santa.”

1. Bone- Written and drawn by Jeff Smith, Bone is a great book for all ages. It’s a fun adventure book about three cousins fighting the forces of evil while also fighting off giant rat creatures. Even though the size of the graphic novel may be a bit intimidating it’s fast paced and a great time and is age appropriate for those young cousins and those nieces and nephews while also entertaining the adults.

2. Fables- I always recommend Bill Willingham’s Fables. The first few trades are incredible and it’s a great book to get anybody into comics if they’ve never read one. They already know the characters of Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf, and many others so it’ll be an easy story for anyone to get into. You’ll just have to explain to them that the crossover may take a little of the magic away, but don’t tell them until they’ve started reading.

3. Atomic Robo- Atomic Robo is written by Scott Wegener and Brian Celvinger. This is another book that is great for all ages. Robo is an awesome character and the plot is easy to follow and fun. Robo is hilarious and smart and created by Nikola Tesla so it’s full of great science and adventure.

4. Marvels- Written by Kurt Busiek and painted beautifully by Alex Ross. The art alone is worth the read, but if you have friends who are interested in the Marvel universe and are just looking for an afternoon read Marvels is definitely a good pick. He takes an ordinary man viewing the growth of the Marvel universe and the birth of the first superhero as well as the perspective of mutants and an attack by Galactus. There’s a beautiful moment that the ordinary man has with Gwen Stacy, and it’s a really great retrospective on the repercussions of being a hero.

5. Kingdom Come- In answer to Marvel’s Marvels, DC’s Kingdom Come is a similar idea that is great for people who again know the characters but don’t want to sit down and read a hundred issues of backstory. The book is written by Mark Waid of current Daredevil fame and is also drawn by Alex Ross. Alex Ross’s art is yet again another reason to read this graphic novel. In this book the heroes have all aged and an ordinary man must decide judgment against an impending war between the new heroes and the old. It’s a great book and has a wonderful moment between Wonder Woman and Superman.

6. Invincible- A superhero book without having to introduce fifty years of story. Invincible written by Robert Kirkman, the same guy who brought us The Walking Dead, writes a great coming of age superhero story which would be more recommended for teenagers and adults due to it’s graphic and colorful violence.

7. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen- Like Fables, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen brings literary familiar characters to comic books. It’s another great way to bring newbies into the comic book scene. Written by Alan Moore the book carries dark elements and graphic violence and sexuality. It’s entertaining and fun, especially in the second books that also brings in the theme of aliens in a War of the Worlds fashion.

8. Local- Brian Wood’s story of Megan a young woman who is trying to find herself by traveling across America in a series of issues that take place in different locations. It’s a great book for teenagers and adults especially ones who are trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives.

9. Return to Wonderland- I picked up Zenescope’s Return to Wonderland a few years ago at Comic Con in Philadelphia because I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan. It’s a very grotesque and over sexualized comic that is filled with gore and makes a very scary and entertaining Wonderland. The story’s a little flat but it would be a great gift for your perverted friend who likes classic literature.

10. Scott Pilgrim- This six volume series is great for pretty much everybody, including people that you are bringing in to the comic book world for the first time. The book is actually filled with great female characters and is pretty relatable for anyone to read.

Honorable Mention: American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Of course there needs to be a Neil Gaiman book on this list and of course Sandman is an amazing series, but I would give it to experienced comic book fans. American Gods is a pros novel and a great gift.

Hope some of these ideas were helpful! Thanks for Reading!



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