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ANTiFangirl: Happy Holidays! Top 10 Favorite Holiday TV Episodes!

Continuing forward with Holiday Edition ANTiFangirl! I want to write up my top ten favorite holiday episodes of television. I think that the equation for the best holiday episodes have to have comedic parts as well as a strong heart beat and the feeling of the season.

10. Honorable Mentions- I couldn’t decide on my number ten pick so I decided to dedicate my number ten to my honorable mentions which include The OC, Psych, Roswell, Home Improvement, Supernatural, and How I Met Your Mother.

9. Family Guy- Season 9 “Road to the North Pole” is my number nine pick. Hilarious every time I see it, it celebrates the awesomeness of Christmas but also is gruesome and as always inappropriate. It’s a classic Stewie and Brian road trip that is narrated by Seth McFarlane’s father and has a great soundtrack. They go to the North Pole and find that Santa Clause, his inbreeding elves, and his flesh hungry reindeer are losing the battle against Christmas. Stewie and Brian wind up taking over for the night and it becomes extremely violent and unsuccessful and very hilarious. They can’t even get past the first house they go to.

8. The Office- Season 4 “Moroccan Christmas” and Season 5 “Secret Santa” As always The Office usually delivers on their holiday episodes. In “Moroccan Christmas” Meredith gets too drunk at the Christmas party and the party turns into an intervention. “Secret Santa” has Phyllis playing the role of Santa Clause which aggravates Michael who attempts to steal her thunder. It ends with Michael finding out that Dunder Mifflin is going to be bought out and decides to change his tune and starts cheering everyone up. It ends with Andy’s present to Erin which is the twelve days of Christmas. At the beginning of the episode Erin asks whoever it is to stop sending the days to her because the first few are birds and they’re destroying her life, but it ends on a high note where the twelve drummers drumming show up to perform.

7. Batman the Animated Series- Season 4 “Holiday Knights”- A series of animated vignettes that stars Batgirl, Batman, and Robin. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy entrance Bruce Wayne so that he takes them on a wild shopping spree. Eventually Bruce chucks himself down an elevator shaft to avoid being kissed again by Poison Ivy’s mind controlling lipstick. He of course changes into Batman and runs the two girls down. Batgirl, while Holiday shopping, faces down Clayface and Batman meets up with Gordon for a New Year’s Eve cup of coffee.

6. How to Train Your Dragon- Dreamworks Christmas Short. I know that we have all seen the film How to Train Your Dragon because we would all be fools if we haven’t and of course we all leapt at the chance to go out and pick up the Christmas short. The short has a snowy Berk and lots of dragons running around during the Viking Holiday of Snoggletog. Hiccup and Toothless go out for a flight and Hiccup loses his helmet over the water. He decides that he wants to permanently fix Toothless’s broken back wing as a gift. When he does Toothless takes off, and Hiccup is unsure where he went. In the beginning of the short the dragons all leave and no one knows where the dragons are going. Eventually it is revealed that the dragons are leaving to lay their eggs which explode when they hatch. It is also revealed that Toothless left to go retrieve Hiccup’s helmet. It’s a heartfelt short that is very fun and goes along very well with the film.

5. Parks and Recreations- Season 5 “Leslie and Ben” This technically is not a Christmas episode, but this is my list so I get to do whatever I want. The actual episode aired around Valentine’s Day and sees the wedding of Leslie and Ben. The episode is really sweet and has a Holiday glow about it where even at some point as Leslie and Ben question whether they should wait to get married it begins to snow. The group have a small intimate ceremony that is filled with love and sparkles and is as funny as it is touching.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3 “Amends” The Christmas episode of Buffy is about the fight for Angel’s soul. While Sunnydale is experiencing a heat wave over Christmas vacation, Angel who is recently brought back from a demonic hell dimension begins to see visions of his past which haunts him. He wants to know why he’s been brought back but in his search for answers he meets “The First” a creature who claims to be the first of all evil. The significance of “The First” does not get brought up again until the last season of Buffy. “The First” attempts to coax Angel into drinking Buffy’s blood, but Angel declines and instead chooses to kill himself. While waiting for the sun to rise, Buffy comes to tell him he’s making a mistake. In a sign that he shouldn’t kill himself, it begins snowing, and the weatherman reports that the sun will not be seen all day. With the normal glow of a Joss Whedon episode, he actually saves Angel’s life instead of ending it. Happy Holidays love J. W.

3. New Girl- Season 1 “The 23rd” This was the episode that actually sold me on the show. As Jess is getting over a holiday break-up because she is afraid to say the words “I love you” Nick takes her, Schmidt, Winston, and CeCe to a road known as the Candycane Lane where he forces the entire neighborhood to put on their Christmas lights to cheer Jess up. The street does it while She and Him sings “I’ll be home for Christmas.”

2. Justice League- Season 2 “Comfort and Joy” An awesome cartoon on it’s own featuring the DC heroes. Batman begs for Watchtower duty so he is not in the episode which makes sense. Supergirl is off skiing with Batgirl while Superman takes J’onn J’onzz home for the holidays. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl have an epic snowball fight on an alien planet covered in snow. And the Flash searches the world for the hottest toy on the market to give to the kids in an orphanage. It’s an episode that pretty much breaks down why each character finds the holidays so important and has some real heartfelt moments including J’onn J’onzz finding the meaning of Christmas and family.

1. Community Season 2 “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” This episode of Community is really funny but is also extremely heartfelt towards the end. Abed believes that everyone is made out of claymation and so Professor Duncan sits the study group down and tries to get Abed to open up about what’s really bothering him. It leads to a magical ride where Abed tells them about how he is looking for the meaning of Christmas. The group eventually comes to the conclusion that the meaning of Christmas could mean whatever you want it to me in a group sing that is both funny and heartfelt.

Happy Holidays! Thanks for Reading!



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