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ANTiFangirl: List of my Favorites of 2013!

I hope everybody had a great holiday and I’m sorry I didn’t post last friday but holiday illness had me in bed for a couple of days. Of course it gave me some time to think of my favorites of 2013.

Favorite Film of 2013: No, it’s not Gravity. Although Thor 2 was a close second I have to give my favorite pick to Pacific Rim. I’m just a sucker for monster movies and when you add monster to robots to Ron Perlman to an awesome action flick that is both heartwarming and entertaining.

Favorite Show: If you have been keeping track of the ANTiFangirls then you’ll know it’s no surprise that my favorite show of 2013 is Sleepy Hollow. An unexpected surprise and leap years more fun than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which apparently promises to deliver next season. The show has a charismatic leading man, and great chemistry between the other characters as well as being both scary and entertaining.

Favorite Comic: Even though the comic did not come out this year I sat down and really delved into the Marvel Universe since DC comics has been so poorly turned out. I began reading Annihilation by Dan Abnett. The book leads from the Marvel outer space universe into the Nova Corps. into Annihilation:Conquest into Guardians of the Galaxy into War of Kings and into Fantastic Four. It’s a neat and well put together story that is both entertaining and a large scale science fiction story. A current comic that had my attention as my favorite of 2013 is definitely Saga by Brian K. Vaughn who in later dates has disappointed me as a writer but brings it for this comic which is sexy, entertaining, and action filled, with a lot of heart felt moments too.

Favorite Writer: This year my favorite writers have all been comic book writers. I want to give notice to Peter David who wrote X-Factor which I read all of this year and acted as a profound inspiration for many a bar talk. Another is of course Dan Abnett who wrote my comic pick of the year in Annihilation whose vast imagination of Science Fiction also leaks into the Warhammer universe. Kelly Sue DeConnick who is currently writing Captain Marvel, one of my female protagonists on this list. Matt Fraction who has currently written Fantastic Four, FF, and Hawkeye. And Mark Waid who has been writing a fantastic Daredevil.

Favorite Game: Although a late find in the year, Quiz Up on the iPhone has taken up a lot of my time. A competitive trivia game that anyone can play and has a number of different subjects. You can compete with friends but also a number of different people within the US and globally competing for rank and bragging privileges. A close second this year that I recently discovered is Cards Against Humanity which is a hard game to find but definitely worth it once you do. The game is similar to Apples to Apples but is crass, filthy, and wrong on a lot of different levels, but fun to play with your friends and in a large group.

Favorite Cartoon: Green Lantern the Animated Series is my definite first pick for discovered cartoon of the year. The cartoon, which is sadly only one season long ended this year is one of the best DC stories I’ve seen in a long time and is in the ANTiFangirl archives.

Favorite Female Protagonist: My favorite ladies this year consist of Alice from the new Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, Marvel Comics Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Regina Mills or the Evil Queen on Once Upon A Time, Aya of Green Lantern the Animated Series, Alana in Saga, the entire cast of this year’s American Horror Story, Frigga from Thor 2, Mako from Pacific Rim, Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Tauriel from Hobbit 2: Desolation of Smaug and Katniss from The Hunger Games.

Thanks for Reading! Happy New Year!



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