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ANTiFangirl Part 1: The Owls Are Not What They Seem

Hey Everybody! So here is my comic book review for the comics picked up last week.

#1 PICK OF THE WEEK!: BATMAN #5: Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and Jonathan Glapion have been putting together an amazing Batman story. Batman is without a doubt my favorite hero and it is rewarding when your hero is in an awesome story. In “Face the Court” the title for #5, Batman is up against a foe who supposedly has been around and lurking in the city of Gotham for ages. The Court of the Owls has Batman trapped in a maze where desperation and dehydration play a pivotal role in his captivity. There is nothing better than a desperate Batman, or one with a tired bloodshot eye and ripped costume. Even though he has gone without sleep for days and may or may not find himself being subjected to hallucinogens, he still plays the role of detective, as he wields himself through a collage of portraits of Gotham’s ancestry. The design of the comic also plays a role in the story where at some point you are reading the comic sideways and then upside down. I even tried to read the comic backwards and found that the story could possibly be read that way as well.
While Batman is also fighting his way through lunacy as well as a dangerous maze, Jim Gordon is trying to rally together hope that Batman is still alive by continuing to light the way with the Batman symbol. The Batman symbol hanging high in the beginning creates a feeling of desperation but keeps the momentum for Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Alfred to continue fighting the good fight. After the bulb goes out at the end of the comic, a police officer asks “what should we do with it?” At this point Damian Wayne walks to Gordon and says, “Get a new one. Now. I said now! Now……please.”

SUPERGIRL #5: To continue along with DC comics I have been reading; Michael Green, Mike Johnson, and Mahmud Asrar’s Supergirl #5 “In the Ruins of Argo” is a pretty good Supergirl story. In the comic Supergirl finds herself returning to her home city to find out what exactly happen to Krypton. Supergirl’s father leaves her a message that hopefully he will be able to save Argo City, but we all know how that story ends. The city left in ruins with an angry Supergirl, who is attacked by a creature known as a Worldkiller named Reign. She arrives in the ruins of the city to recruit Supergirl to conquer and learn more about what happened to their planets. I like that it’s a Supergirl comic and not a Superman comic guest starring Supergirl, which is how Supergirl’s origin story is normally written. This particular run doesn’t have a bunch of superheroes coming to her aid, instead it isolates Supergirl and makes her a lonely character. The fight sequences in the issues that come out including this one have been pretty awesome. I like where the story is headed.

RESURRECTION MAN #5: If you’re not reading this comic, I really recommend it. Along the lines of Animal Man and Swamp Thing, this comic seems to fall more under the horror genre than superhero. Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Fernando Blanco are creating a story around a man named Mitch Shelley who is killed several times, but after dying comes back to life with a different super power. He suffers from amnesia which of course is a great plot devise in reintroducing his character to the new 52. This way readers will be able to read a new comic with an ongoing plot but are also reading a mystery story of where the character came from. The book is well written and the plot moves quickly.

DAREDEVIL #8 (ALSO KNOWN LOVINGLY AS DURRDEVIL TO THE ANTIFANBOYS): Marvel comic Daredevil is a close second to Batman. Mark Waid, Kano, and Javier Rodriguez are creating a comic book that not only has great art but also has a great leading man. I read some of Waid’s FLASH comics over the summer which were great as well as tearing into Waid’s KINGDOM COME. I really like Waid as a writer and I really like the way he writes Daredevil. He does small things with Daredevil that I really appreciate; Daredevil covering the mouths of both Spiderman and Black Cat while he’s trying to concentrate on listening, when he’s not trying to concentrate he is constantly an acrobat, and he uses what is around him to create better weapons. I really like the witty Matt Murdock and his struggle to continue to remain positive.

DEADPOOL #49: There is a couple of Deadpool comics out there but the one worth reading is definitely the Daniel Way one. Deadpool is on a constant search for death considering that his power is a high healing factor that makes death impossible. The artist and writer pull no punches when it comes to Deadpool’s entrails exploding over a two page spread. In the recent run his dead limbs that he left behind come together to create an evil Deadpool whose only reason for pushing forward is utter chaos. Deadpool versus Deadpool causes four sets of narration. Given that Deadpool is a bit crazy and relies a lot on his inner voices to deduct what his next plan should be. His comic is also filled with cameos from superheros like Captain America who Deadpool looks up too. The book is one of those comics that I get excited about during the week because it’s lighthearted, fun, and also fast paced.

ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN #6: Bendis, Chris Samnee, and Justin Ponsor are creating a brand new Spiderman in the character of Miles Morales. Miles has a few similarities to Peter Parker; he is witty, learning how to use his powers as he’s using them, and one day he’s fighting on a S.H.I.E.L.D. hovercraft while the next day he’s helping a woman who just got her purse snatched. He also deals with an inner conflict. Although, his parents are alive, his father was once a criminal, and this concept makes Miles believe that a part of that is inside him. I like Miles as a character and I fully endorse comics where the leading hero has to deal with both being a superhero and doing homework. The only problem I’m having with the comic is that Miles has yet to lose. For someone who had no idea how to fight yesterday and now knows how to fight today just because they have built in agility and strength. Although sometimes it’s a little tedious, I like seeing my new heroes train. Just because he’s been shot up with spider super strength doesn’t necessarily mean he knows how to use it. They address this issue at the end of the comic showing that Miles’ friend Ganke offers a video of a live fight with Peter Parker versus Doctor Octopus. Ganke suggests that Miles needs to start studying Peter Parker’s moves.

WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #1: This is actually my first introduction to Jason Aaron’s writing which makes me sad because I know that he’s written great stuff in the past. I have to admit that I wasn’t exactly sold on the concept of Wolverine being a headmaster of a school for mutants. I know that this is only the first issue and there have been a couple more out that I will hunt down. I will keep reading because I am assured that the comic gets better but as of right now issue #1 reads as I thought it would, a little cheesy. I am a big fan of Kitty Pryde, and have always enjoyed her dynamic with Wolverine. My attention span for a #1 issue in a new comic book series is always a little tentative. I always hope that the first issue drags me in and pulls me under. I felt myself being distracted while reading this, the formula is a little obvious. We get a tour of the school and the introduction to the faculty and students. I haven’t read an X-Men comic in a long time but it takes a lot to convince me on reading a book with a neutered Wolverine. Not that I’m not willing to give the comic a try but my favorite Wolverine stories have been the ones where Wolverine is on his own.

WOLVERINE AND THE XMEN ‘ALPHA AND OMEGA’ #1: With that being said Brian Wood’s first issue in this five part series is promising. Again I haven’t read an X-Men comic in a long time so the character of Quentin is new to me, but I did do research into why he is so angry. If this is a promise of what academy life is going to be like than I fully endorse it. I like the idea of getting into Wolverine’s brain and having it be a time jump. Wolverine’s brain has been tampered with a lot over the years and it’s one of those things that he can’t fight.

FABLES #113: The only reason that I continue to read this comic book is because it was so good for so long so there is still that hope that Bill Willingham will knock it off and start writing a decent comic again. The comic has gotten so lopsided that he is now messing up his own continuity. Willingham suggests that the cause for the Adversary not invading Fabletown for years was due to a magician named Kadabra. Kadabra caused the Adversary to become blinded wherever Kadabra went. When Kadabra settles into Fabletown it is with his murder that the Adversary becomes aware of Fabletown. This causes a bit of nail in the continuity of the comic since it is Sheriff Beast who finds the body when Sheriff Bigby is still in charge during the March of the Wooden Soldiers where the Adversary clearly attacks Fabletown. The comic has been off the rails ever since the Dark Man run. Really it’s just ‘good story blue balls’ where Willingham constantly has been giving readers a good idea for a story and then takes it away.

HACK/SLASH #12: I definitely recommend this Tim Seeley comic if you’re not reading it. Especially if you are looking for a comic that stars a female protagonist who is fun, tough, and not afraid of her sexuality. Cassie Hack is a hunter of Slashers, pretty much defined as supernatural creatures mostly in human form who have a vendetta and are hard to kill. Recently Cassie’s partner Vlad a muscular, green creature with a heart of gold has come down with an ailment. Until Vlad is better Cassie enlists the help of a man named Samhaim who is gifted with a form of excelled healing. This power is causing him to go a wee bit evil, but he owes Cassie and now he, her, and Cat Curio are off to an island filled with monsters in order to find Samhaim a cure. The characters of HACK/SLASH are fun and full of life. The character of Pooch, an interdimensional dog, is full of heartwarming life, and I defy you to not fall in love with this character.

This is my first comic book post and I am excited to see what you all think. I will definitely try and improve and look forward to recommendations on new comics. That’s it for now! Thanks for reading!



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