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ANTiFangirl Part 2: Killing Zombies is Just a Hobby

Hey! Didn’t get around to posting last week which will lead to me posting twice this week :). It was a light week for me last week and books that I read were The Walking Dead and Deadpool. So because of this I have also started reading Hickman’s The Ultimates and also picked up Mark Waid’s JLA Tower of Babel story too. So here we go…..

#1 Pick of the Week: The Walking Dead: A Larger World Part One. This is such a good book. I absolutely adore Rick Grimes and I think a lot of it has to do with the decisions he makes are based on the experiences that he’s gone through in the past. It’s nice to have a main character who learns as the story progresses. The last time we saw our heroes they ran into a man who told them there were other communities out there that wanted to barter and trade supplies with the group that Rick leads. Rick, of course, after being down this road before with strangers, doesn’t believe him and takes it upon himself to knock the man out and tie him up for questioning. While the man sits in solitary; Rick, Abraham, and Michonne go out into the world to see if the stranger is telling the truth about other settlements. Upon venturing out into the world, they of course run into a couple of walking corpses and decapitate them. After viewing the dead bodies on the ground, Rick asks both Abraham and Michonne why they are still doing this? Killing the dead at this point seems tedious compared to the threats that Rick and his group have had to deal with. The biggest threats that Rick’s group has had to face has always been other humans. I like the idea that there might be a number of different settlements out in the world, but if these other people had gone through the same thing that Rick has, then they wouldn’t be so quick to become friendly with another group. The hard truth in the comic is that people are going to start to run out of supplies if they don’t start producing things. Rick’s group has been mostly nomadic and when they attempt to settle anywhere it always ends in catastrophe. So far because we’ve only been following Rick’s story the environment has always seemed claustrophobic. That being said the world that was once Rick and a couple of people trying to survive opens up. It does feel like there is hope that things will get better, but whenever that hope shows up something story-changing happens.

Deadpool: The Musical. To someone who is not as internet savvy as the next I found the musical issue of #49.1 a little hard to follow, but still a fun comic. Way writes the comic as a 49.1 so it’s a recap of what Deadpool has gone through in the past other issues to get to this point. It features a musical background of songs, some of which I didn’t know, but listened to anyway while I read the comic. It’s fun and a nice recap of past issues.

The Ultimates: Issues 1-6: I really enjoyed Mark Millar’s Ultimates run. I read it when the first Iron Man movie came out and Marvel started getting these crazy ideas to start making all of these superhero movies that would coexist in the same universe. The hopeful final result to this crazy idea would be an Avengers film starring all of the heroes together. At the time, I had to admit I didn’t think that they were capable or would be able to pull it off; See you all May 4th. Jonathan Hickman’s The Ultimates I couldn’t put down. The comic is gorgeous. When Hickman writes about the utopia society that exists within the confines of the Dome, the art looks great. The villain of the comic seems completely unstoppable, especially when they attack Asgard. A defeated Thor who feels broken after witnessing and not being able to stop the destruction of his world and family is heartbreaking. Then there’s a desperate Nick Fury who is launching nukes, followed by a rational Tony Stark. The big reveal is that the creator of the unstoppable foe is Reed Richards. So while Nick Fury is visiting the President, Tony Stark is upset with the results of his stock, Spiderwoman finds out about the new Spiderman that recently has shown up in New York, and Thor is seeing some ghosts of all of the dead people from Asgard, there’s now only one thing we can hope for. We hope Captain America shows up. We know it and Hickman knows it so Nick goes out into the desert and finds him, but Cap isn’t interested in coming back. We’ll see. So far I am very interested in what happens next.

JLA: Tower of Babel: In 1998 Mark Waid, recent writer of Marvel’s Daredevil, wrote a JLA story. Ra’s Al Ghul raised the question: how do you take out the members of the Justice League? The answer: Talia Al Ghul should break into the Batcave. But we’ll get to that in a minute. The opening of Tower of Babel actually has an amazing mini story about the Atom. The Atom, whose power consists of becoming as small as he needs to be, is inside a little boy’s head where a tumor is growing. The Atom goes inside to check out the tumor and finds that the tumor is actually an alien colony that has settled inside the boy’s body. The Atom enlists the help of the Justice League members. The members who come to The Atom’s aid; Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash (Wally West), and Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner). While inside the boy’s head, their task is to try and convince the colony to remove themselves from the boy since their existence here is harming him. The aliens do not believe that the Justice League is telling the truth and decides to keep them captive and torture them for the real information. Eventually help from a rebel alien leads to their escape, but the doctors who have given the League a time schedule to retrieve the alien colony are ready to fire their laser in order to destroy the civilization. The League tries to evacuate as much of the aliens as possible before their world is destroyed. This all leads to a familiar story where two alien parents decide to place their children within a vessel so they may have hope of continuing their species. Superman reflects upon his own planet of Krypton as he watches the laser destroy the city. It’s a pretty cool side story and one that has multiple layers. The real meat of the book is the question of how do you take out the Justice League? Well, you have to keep Batman distracted so why don’t we take his parents out of the ground and hide them somewhere, that ought to do it. Then you attack the other members based upon their weaknesses; Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, and the Martian Manhunter. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot of the book because if you haven’t read it, the twist ending is really great. For the most part Ra’s Al Ghul finds out how to attack each member of the League based on their specific fears and vices rendering them powerless. This causes the League to count on one another to help them get through their terrible states. One of the members betrays them in a really interesting way and in a way where I completely understood why he would. There’s even a cool moment in the book where Ra’s manages to take away all language and speech, making it even more difficult for the League to communicate. If you like Justice League stories this is a really good one. Especially if you like Justice League stories that center around Batman.

That’s it for now! But I will be doing a second review this week for this week’s comics and I have a pretty healthy stake coming as well as a possible review of Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force.



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