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ANTiFangirl Part 6: Avengers VS X-Men

Hey! So I was completely chewed out by the boys, and let’s face it I definitely deserve it. I have not been giving this blog my undivided attention, and there are no excuses for my behavior. I would like to apologize. Now I am going to promise that I will get better about writing. I really don’t want to be replaced by haters of my feminist friend Joss Whedon who created Dollhouse. So here’s my dramatic return just in time for Avengers VS. X-Men. Also in order to ensure that I can keep my promise of writing as often as I can I may have to start writing my top 5 favorite books of the week. I read a lot of comics.

Even though Avengers VS. X-Men was not my favorite book this week, I feel like I have to mention it. Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman, and Matt Fraction are all great writers and some of my favorites. Avengers VS. X-Men is terrible. Cyclops has always been kind of a dick, but he’s a real dick in this comic. I’m not really up to date with my X-Men history so I’m not sure who Hope is, but she’s terrible too. The art in this book is so cartoony that I can’t take any of it seriously, especially when the art for other Marvel books is so incredible. I’m apparently supposed to be excited about the face off between the Avengers and the X-Men when Captain America who actually says “Take the Beach” and Cyclops who actually says “Drive Them Back into the Sea”. The next panel is of ‘Iron’ Man fighting Magneto, and Magneto loses. Not to mention that after these terrible fight sequences, the Phoenix takes off while walking on water, you know because she’s the next messiah. Then the X-Men and the Avengers are just standing there. If they had just waited five minutes, there would have been zero fighting.


Pick of the Week: Wolverine and the X-Men #9:

It’s the first book I’ve read that will crossover this crazy Avengers VS. X-Men idea. And this book has really become one of my favorites during the week. The space casino’s occupants betting on what the Phoenix is going to destroy next is great. The Danger Room activating when Captain America walks in is pretty funny, and then it giving him a grade of a B- is awesome. I also just absolutely adore all of the students in this school, and how Wolverine is about to go and fight the Phoenix but takes a second to talk to a student just to see how they are fitting in. Wolverine is quickly making his way up my favorite superheroes list.

Uncanny X-Force #24: I know that this book is also going to take a turn into the Avengers VS. X-Men which is such a shame because this is one of my favorite books. Everything that’s been going on with Psylocke is interesting and I’m glad the sexual tension between her and Fantomex is finally going to get resolved. The small moments in this book are the real reason to read it. I like when the superheroes who have awesome healing factors actually use them on purpose. Wolverine covering up the bomb and Deadpool showing up and calling him his “little snuggle cousin” is fantastic. I also like that Fantomex hasn’t just given up on Genesis and that he checks in on him at the school.


X-Club #5/5 :

This book came to it’s conclusion and an awesome conclusion it came too. The Dr. Nemesis and the starfish plot line in this book is the real reason to read it. The funny quips between what Dr. Nemesis says and how the starfish translates what he’s really thinking is hysterical. It’s also just a great book that reflects the science side to the X-Men universe.

The Walking Dead #96: A Larger World Conclusion: Rick is having a time in this book. He’s offering up his death squad onto the competing group that’s trading with the community that’s been trying to get his community to join their trade route. Rick has a hard time with outsiders and this is no exception. At the end of the issue, Rick makes a decision that he and his people are going to ‘single-handedly’ put the world back together. Although the zombies are a big factor in making the world the way it is, it is the people in it who are choosing to keep it this way.

I promise I will write another next week!
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