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ANTiFangirl Part 7: Uncanny X-Force Breaking Up?

Hey all! The month of May has been hectic including a trip to Florida and two weeks of vacation, but I’m back and ready to talk about my top five comic books.

#1 Pick of the Week: Uncanny X-Force #25 Deadpool is cured of his healing factor which makes him vulnerable, Fantomex and Psylocke slept together because Psylocke is having a hard time giving up her humanity after killing her brother by using her other brother’s body, Nightcrawler is a dead up future assassin, and Wolverine realizes he might have put this hit squad together in order to open up more of his animal side. Genesis the child clone of Apocalypse has been sighted by someone who looks like Sabertooth. Psylocke and Fantomex have both left the team, but if Genesis’s life is going to be placed in danger soon they will most likely come back. A book that started out as a mutant assassin squad has turned into a group of truly heartbreaking characters. The great character development is one of the reasons I love this book so much. So far the events that happened have only caused these characters to become more heartbreaking as well as more dangerous.

Saga #2-3: Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga in it’s first opening chapters has been really incredible and entertaining. I wasn’t a big fan of Y The Last Man, and now I know Vaughan is capable of this kind of work in only a couple of issues. The world of Saga is pretty interesting including; lizard like aliens, assassins, ghosts, samurai-like ram-headed soldier who is trying to outrun the authorities with his bat winged wife and their daughter Hazel, who is the narrator, and if that doesn’t get you then there is this Nazi like leader of the law enforcement who has a television for a head! Yeah, I know! Read Saga.

Daredevil #13: I love this book. The opening sequences are of Foggy being very concerned about Matt’s behavior. At the beginning of Waid’s Daredevil run, Matt decided to be a man who would let things go a lot easier and to have a more carefree tone. Foggy comes to a revelation when he discovers something off panel in Matt’s office. Meanwhile Daredevil is trying to get rid of a Fantastic Four disc that has data on five major criminal empires. In his search for a solution some of the Avengers including Spiderman and Wolverine dress as members of Black Spectre to set up a coo to look as though Black Spectre stole the disc. Daredevil tells the team to take the disc to Reed Richards where it belongs. All of this seems to go swimmingly, until Daredevil gets transported to where I believe Doctor Doom is hanging out. I assume that Waid sends Daredevil there in order to write Daredevil out of the Avengers Vs. X-Men run. I mean I only assume. But also, don’t mess with Doctor Doom.

Invincible #91: Don’t worry everybody Dinosaurus is all right! Dinosaurus, a character who in Mark’s own words, “Dinosaurus isn’t a being of pure evil…..he’s pure intelligence.” He’s a character who once Mark allied himself with, has been loyal to Mark in trying to cure Mark’s illness and saving his life from the vultrimite leader. One of Invincible’s leading positives is it’s graphic and violent fight sequences. The previous issue of Invincible had a torn apart Dinosaurus saving Mark by taking him to one of his secret bases. Atom Eve is finally suiting up and doing something in this issue when she heads to both the hospital to confront the vultrimite leader and when she goes to help save Alan and Oliver as well as deliver the news that Mark is missing. It’s nice to see Atom Eve act like a superhero instead of a broken girlfriend. The issue ends with Invincible (Mark) trying to break up a fight between Alan the Alien, his brother Oliver, and Dinosaurus, only to have his arm torn out from the elbow. This leads to, what exactly does the vultrimite disease that infested Mark’s body actually effect? I really like the shake and bake team of Dinosaurus and Invincible. Both characters are of course very strong but together they also create a well designed team up; Dinosaurus being all brains and Mark being all heart. Although I am very worried about the future of Mark’s strength.

The Walking Dead #97: A man named Negan has rallied humans that are still around in to believing that he is the human to rule them all. Running the other surviving human colonies to give him whatever he desires in place of his protection. Rick decided in the last issue that he would take out Negan’s forces and replace him as the man to see instead. A couple of bikers who work for Negan follow Rick and his group after they leave Jesus’ village. After threatening Rick, Andrea shoots and Michonne slices, resulting in only one man left sitting on his bike. Rick informs the remaining man to go to this Negan and tell him that Rick will protect them for half of their supplies. The biker takes off and the group heads back to their town. Rick explains during a town meeting what his ideas are and asks the town if they have any kind of say. Of course, the people in the town seem fine with Rick’s decision since Rick speaks, people listen. After the meeting Andrea and Rick come to some kind of understanding that they are interested in one another, which I completely agree with. I think that Rick needs a lady like Andrea to put him in his place and take him down a peg if he feels as though he’s getting to high above himself. Andrea could provide an actual helpful opinion to Rick’s ideas and she isn’t afraid to disagree with him. At the end of the issue, the bad guys have found where Rick’s people are and are awaiting in the shadows which will most likely lead to a serious non-zombie battle.

Thanks for Reading! I’ll try and get another in next week and I definitely will be attempting to read the B.P.R.D. run in hopes of doing a separate segment for it.



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