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ANTiFangirl Part 8: Spoilers Ahead for The Walking Dead!

Hey! All caught up with comics. I’m not someone who gets upset about spoilers especially if you have given me ample time to read or watch something, but this week’s Walking Dead issue was spoiled for me via Tumblr. At 10 am on a Wednesday, the day comics come out, a user told me how the Walking Dead ended. Giving me two minutes to read a comic, giving no one a chance to read it, is in poor form. Poor form. I’ve given everyone a week to read this comic which I think is more than enough time. So with that said, spoilers ahead for the Walking Dead. (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme). Here are my top 5 picks:

#1 Pick of the Week: Walking Dead 99-100: So with the death of Abraham, the repercussion in Issue #99 is that everyone is evaluating their own relationships. I have to say that I am very pro Rick and Andrea being together. I have said it before, but Andrea’s the kind of woman who will keep Rick in check and she’s also one of the only members of the original group. In the panels with Andrea, Rick is allowing himself to be happy, which is something he hasn’t done in a really long time. I really loved their conversation about how comfortable the bed is and how Andrea should just move in. I have never been a huge fan of Maggie, but I am a sucker for Glenn, another original member, who has been the heart beat of this book. and like my old friend Desmond Hume, he has also be ‘the constant’. Abraham’s funeral, a two page panel, shows the group and their responses to his death, even a teary-eyed Michonne. Glenn decides to make a change since Maggie is pregnant, and decides he wants to move to the other town that Jesus brought them to, where he believes it will be better and also safer.

In Issue #100 a small group is on the road towards Jesus’ town and during a night watch Rick is in and out of sleep. He gets hit in the head by the group that Rick has threatened in the past, a group run by a man named, Negan. Negan spends a well drawn out amount of time deciding which member of the traveling party deserves to be made an example of. It takes pages, as he reads into each character and deliberates. He chooses to bash Glenn’s brains in with a bat that is covered in barbed wire. This was what was spoiled for me, but even though it was spoiled the painful scene is something you need to see. The death of Glenn, who was the heart of this book, goes on for panels and pages, in which even I, who I consider unflappable, became teary eyed at losing a character that has been around for so long in such a gruesome and violent way. As a writer, even though you cherish a character you’re writing about, there’s always a point where you have to make a decision to keep not only yourself interested but the audience captivated, where you have to do something horrible so that the other characters and the plot can grow. Even though part of me knows that would have been how Glenn would have wanted to go out, saving the group with his sacrifice, it was still painful. #RIPGlenn

Uncanny X-Force #27: To keep with the theme of ‘comics had my heart by it’s balls’ week, Uncanny X-Force has been a consistently great book for me. The book’s story arc of the group being hunted down is still continuing as well as the obvious push for Genesis to become Apocalypse for a band of particularly terrible mutants. Fantomex has become one of my favorite characters in comic books. Fantomex’s love for Psylocke has replaced my love for her and Archangel, although, that character love story ended on a phenomenal and heartbreaking note. Fantomex sacrifices himself and gives Psylocke his mask which protects from psychic connections so she can escape the hold of the Shadow King. Supposedly he’s dead, but this is a comic that is based on misdirections so I am hoping that he is okay. But if not Psylocke is already on her way to avenge him. It all ends on another cliff hanger.

Daredevil #14: Oh don’t worry, Daredevil wasn’t any different this week. Daredevil figures out where he is being held captive and breathes in a certain type of toxin that slowly throughout his escape causes him to lose all of his other senses. This leads to him believing that he has actually escaped an even more terrible fate, but the end scene is him on the ground surrounded by soldiers as he says “I’m free.” Not to mention his best friend Foggy is questioning Matt’s ethics due to something that he saw in Matt’s desk. So another comic that has me emotionally riled.

Hack/Slash #20: This week’s issue concludes the story of where Vlad really came from. I know that this isn’t a book that a lot of people are reading but it should be. It’s so violent and has an awesome kick ass female lead who takes out monsters even when she’s hanging in a meat locker. She also manages to grab a knife out of the monster’s belt while upside down and using her toes. Vlad takes on his monstrous family and he and Cassie come out victorious and with a joke. I love these two, and I’m glad they’re back together.

Revival #1: A new pick for the week is by Tim Seely who is the creator of Hack/Slash. Revival comes across as a story about a small town in Wisconsin where people don’t seem to be able to die. There are also creepy white long legged alien things trotting through the forest and zebra horses! Like Hack/Slash this seems to also be a pretty violent Indy book. The end sequence has an old woman throwing a scythe through the sister of our main protagonist and she comes back to life unharmed. The book shows promise.

I wanted to give some honorable mentions to both Brian Wood’s new book The Massive, which if you are a fan of his you’ll really enjoy, and Resurrection Man. Resurrection Man is going to be cancelled because DC apparently needs to advocate twenty Batman books. If you haven’t read this series, I do think it’s going to make it to twelve issues long, and it’s definitely worth the read. Swamp Thing and Animal Man are finally getting to their crossover. I think Kirkman put too much heart into Walking Dead this week that there wasn’t enough to go around for Invincible. And of course Daniel Way’s Deadpool, is still hilarious.

Until Next Time! Thanks for Reading!



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