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ANTiFangirl Part 9: There isn’t going to be a team left!

Hey everybody! Happy August! Read two weeks worth of comics yesterday. I am fully prepped and ready for this comic book review. So. Here. We. Go……

#1 Pick of the Week: Uncanny X-Force #28: First of all, I cannot believe this is only issue #28. This comic just moves so fast and the story is so full that it feels like, to me, that we’re on issue #100, and this arc isn’t any different. This comic sends the team into the future where the X-Force team has ended crime by stopping it before it happens. It becomes hard to believe that Remender’s Wolverine and the Wolverine from the X-Men Versus Avengers arc are the same Wolverine. This Wolverine is dark, and contemplating a future where it’s okay to take out criminals that may commit future murders, which isn’t that different from how he is now, where Nightcrawler from an alternate universe is hunting down the people who may or may not be evil. Psylocke is the leader of the group in the future which is not going well due to her lack of empathy after killing her brother. She’s driven by her guilt over Fantomex’s sacrifice and ‘supposedly’ samurai kills herself at the end, making me very nervous that there won’t be a team left. Deadpool has become the surprise heart of the team when he declares that after he loses his healing factor, the reason he went on the dangerous mission before hand is “…because this is the closest thing to a family I’ve ever had.” Also surprise cameo from Frank Castle who supposedly joins the team in the future, which I can only assume will be an amazing story. If you like team-up books, this is probably one of the best ones I have ever read.

Daredevil #15 and #16: So Daredevil lost all of his senses in the last issue which was part of “comics had my heart by the balls” week. So issue #15 has Daredevil tapping into different senses to understand where he is and manages to find his way out of a hospital room where Doctor Doom’s minions are trying to find out how his radar sense works. The best part of the issue is when Matt discovers the satellite feed which is blocking his Avengers transmission. He destroys the satellite and in only a minute’s time, Iron Man flies down to save him. Imagining the Avengers just flying around looking for him and then the minute the transmission is clear they know exactly where he is, is so awesome and just a really cool touch. It makes you question why you wouldn’t be an Avenger. The next issue has Ant-man, Hank Pym, searching through Matt’s brain destroying the tiny robotic insects that are keeping Daredevil’s senses blocked. While Ant-man is doing this Matt is somehow transmitting memories to Hank while Hank is transmitting memories to Matt. There is a recognition that the two of them have experienced similar events which led them to where they are. Eventually, Ant-man destroys the bugs and Matt wakes up. The small things in this comic are really what makes it so special. Daredevil waking up and recognizing the people in the room (Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and Dr. Strange) by their heartbeats is a sample of just how incredible Mark Waid is making Daredevil. I really liked the moment when Matt has to leave and Tony is pushing his hand against the window to open it, knowing that Matt is going to jump out of it and acrobatically fly through the city. It is just a little picture of how long Tony has known Matt. Matt isn’t going to walk out the front door, he’s going to fly off rooftops to get home.

Deadpool #58: So Deadpool no longer has his healing factor. After getting rid of his healing factor so that he could finally die, he realized that he doesn’t actually want to die. This is another book where the small moments are more interesting than three page action sequences. Deadpool not understanding why his finger, which was mostly cut off in another issue, isn’t growing back, and wondering how long it will take, is an indication of how he doesn’t understand what it’s like to be normal. Even though he has no healing factor, he is still incredibly dangerous and just as crazy. I really like the idea that people are underestimating him and are all gearing up to finally kill him, and they can’t, because he’s still a better mercenary than they are. This is proved when Black Swan attacks him while he’s on the toilet and manages to set off a grenade and then jump into his tub for safety because it has an anti-ballistic shower curtain.

Saga Chapter 4: I love this comic. Brian K. Vaughan actually having fun with a comic is one of the best things he’s ever done. I almost cannot believe that Vaughan had a part in the atrocious Season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when he could have been doing this. If you have to go outside the box for comics then I would completely recommend you read this one. The art by Fiona Staples is also half of the story. I like when the art and the story sync together to make a great comic. When they don’t, it’s easy to ruin a great story. The characters and the universe of this book are completely outrageous and likable.

Atomic Robo Volume 7 #1: Always a great comic to have when all of the other comics are breaking your heart. Atomic Robo is always fun. The new volume has Atomic Robo hanging out with some cool girls who refused to go back to their lives after World War Two. These were pilots and mechanics who didn’t want to go back to the way things were. Atomic Robo is both confused and curious when he finds that they are girls, after they save him and his plane. This is a number one out of five, and I’m looking forward to seeing Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener do some girls right and hopefully Atomic Robo will get his flirt on.

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Until next time! Thanks for reading!



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