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ANTiFangirl: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Let’s Watch Some Movies, and Get a Little Drunk Too!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! It’s a silly holiday that makes single people feel bad and people pressured in relationships to do something spectacular. But fortunately this year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, and we all know that Fridays now belong to me. So sit back and enjoy as I present not only my top five films to help get through Valentine’s Day, but what you should be drinking while watching them! So order some burgers, or pizza, or even oysters and caviar, and sink in front of the TV with your friends, significant others, or even by yourself, and get ready to have a great night!

Jaws: That’s right, lets get things kicked off right. What’s more romantic than three guys on a boat looking for a shark? No answers? Obviously. Jaws has all the elements you are looking for in a nice Valentine’s Day; a scary villain, a couple colorful characters, a lot of ocean, and plenty of smarmy townsfolk.

Beverage Recommendation: A nice summer ale or a dry red wine or apricot brandy.
Drink: After a shark attack, when “that’s not funny, that’s not funny at all” is said, when Quint drinks or eats something, when Hooper reminds you how smart he is.
Drink Twice: You know at some point it’s going to happen, but drink twice when at some point in the film you believe the shark is actually behind you, and you have to look to double check. Sure your back’s against the wall, but it’s going to happen. Just embrace it with a beverage.
Take a Shot: When Quint says his “delivered the bomb” speech and when the shark dies.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: While I was thinking about films to put on my list, this movie just popped into my head. It’s always entertaining whether you’re by yourself or with a group of friends. It’s quotable and fun and definitely a great pallet cleanser to all of the other serious action horror films that I have recommended. A funny protagonist, a sexy red head, and a drunk detective on an adventure to Toon Town. Absolutely.

Beverage Recommendation: Scotch on the rocks, and I mean ice! or a nice Sidecar Cocktail.
Drink: When you see a Disney character, when a weasel laughs itself to death, when Eddie Valiant drinks, when Roger drinks, whenever you see cartoon hearts.

Terminator 2. The greatest action film ever made, must be a must see on the day of hearts and flowers. A memorable female protagonist, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a sassy John Connor, chase sequences, and plenty of explosions.

Beverage Recommendation: Tequila, tequila, tequila.
Drink: When you see the Terminator, John Connor, or Sarah Connor for the first time, when Sarah goes off about how dire protecting John or the future is, when Dyson dies, whenever Sarah shoots something and hits it.

Alien: Like Jaws this film has a villainous monster who is seen from the shadows so feel free to look around just in case you are feeling a little nervous, and then enjoy your fear with a drink. Alien is a classic movie and of course Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t watch both Alien and Aliens, and don’t worry I have a drinking selection for both.

Beverage Recommendation: Alien: A sexy vodka martini, extra cold, extra dry, but if you do have a hard time drinking martinis I will recommend a basil and lemon vodka on the rocks.
Drink: Whenever anyone says mother, when Ripley reminds the crew about rules or following the law, when you spot the alien hanging from the rafters in between the chains, when a member of the crew dies.

Beverage Recommendation: Aliens: Beer or whiskey.
Drink: Whenever Ripley yells or explains something strongly, when Bishop apologizes, whenever Burke looks confused or plays stupid, when you see the mother alien.

Shaun of the Dead. This is definitely the ultimate film to watch on V Day. There are zombies, romance, friendship, family, jokes, and heart. The film is not necessarily a parody of zombie films, but more a celebration of zombie films. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll have a great time

Beverage Recommendation: Beeeeeeeeeeeeeer. But not just any beer, make sure you’re drinking you’re favorite kind. or a lovely Zombie Cocktail (rum, brandy, pineapple juice).
Drink: When Shaun has red on him (this includes ink or blood), when someone mentions that Shaun and Liz are no longer together, when a member of the group is killed by a zombie, when Shaun cries.

Honorable Mentions: Predator (gin and tonic), Silence of the Lambs (Chianti), Tron Legacy (shots of rum and zombie juice), Hot Fuzz (Beeeeeeer), The Thing (frozen margarita), Inglourious Basterds (white wine, champagne, martini, or whiskey), Pirates of the Caribbean (rum), and Zombieland (wine or beer).

Thanks for reading guys! And have a fun Valentine’s!



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