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ANTiFangirl: Spider-man 2099

So @stin and I have decided to enter the exciting world of Shadowrun, a role playing game that takes place in a cyberpunk dystopia, where basically everyone is a criminal. In order to get to know the world a bit better, @stin recommended that I read Spider-man 2099 by Peter David. Of course, I am a Peter David fan from his run on X-Factor, and was prepared for the 90s comic book read. I’ve read older Spider-man comics before such as Maximum Carnage, which actually came out around the time of Spider-man 2099.

Spider-man 2099 stars Miguel O’Hara, the new Spider-man, who is human until he attempts to scientifically expunge an addictive drug known as Rapture, out of his system. When Miguel attempts to recreate the Spider-man mutagen into the bloodstream of a man who mutants into a monster, he attempts to quit his job, but Tyler Stone head of Alchemax, can’t afford to lose him. Stone drugs O’Hara, into keeping him, blackmailing him with the drug. Miguel attempts to use the same type of procedure to rid his body of the drug, until a colleague sabotages him, and Boom! We have a new Spider-man.

Unlike Peter Parker, Miguel is a grown man and not a teenager, and he’s transformed into Spider-man while already having a career and a life. He also has a more positive outlook and sarcastic wit, while Peter Parker always strikes me as a character who is constantly questioning and getting down on himself for not doing enough. Miguel is also a very smart character, and a near genius when it comes to his job and his experiments. He has the strength and webbing that Peter had, but he also has retractable claws in his fingers and toes which come in handy for all of the tall buildings that Miguel has to jump around on, while running from flyboy policeman. He also has poisonous fangs and incredibly sensitive vision, causing him to wear sunglasses everywhere.

The environment in the comic is it’s own character. Flying cars, tall buildings, the beaten up downtown, the internet, and of course there are the Thorites. The age of heroes is over at the beginning of the comic, but is now being rebooted by Spider-man. There are worshippers of Thor who are waiting for the god of thunder to return. They dress up like him and hold cult meetings. With the return of Spider-man, the Thorites see him as the ‘Harbinger of Thor’, and that him returning is a sign that Thor will return soon as well.

The comic’s tone is light and fun, but also has some serious moments as well. There are colorful villains and new age heroes that emerge after Spider-man returns. Miguel is a great character who becomes aware that being Spider-man is making him a better man. He chooses to embrace being Spider-man and declares war against the industries that are tearing his city apart. He also is very well aware of his limitations.

“Downtown was spread out beneath me. Bizarre that an area which had been little more than an irrelevancy to my way of life at one time had come to occupy so much of my time and energy. Over and over again the past weeks, I found myself staring at it, as if it were a crusting-over scab. And, as sometimes happens with scabs, I found myself irresistably picking away at it. Such actions serve no purpose, except perhaps the primal need to muck around with something that would be better left alone. Downtown, the underbelly of New York, was a place where I had found myself wanting to accomplish something that would serve someone other than myself.” (Issue 17)

I hope you guys check it out! Thanks for Reading!



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