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ANTiFangirl: The Superior Spider-Man

Oh what’s that? Another Spider-Man post? Sounds Superior!

So recently, as we all know I picked up Spider-Man 2099, and as nerds we all know that one gateway opens up another gateway. At first, I was very against the ‘Otto Octavius becoming Peter Parker’ story line, since I was reading Avengers books and Daredevil, and I thought how silly it was no one noticed it wasn’t Peter Parker. But then I saw that Miguel O’Hara (Spider-Man from 2099) was going to be in Superior Spider-Man, and I decided to put my feelings aside and take a look. And I’m really glad I did.

I’ve never been a big Spider-Man fan, and only now am I really getting to know the character. I’ve said before that I have read older Spider-Man stories, but something about Peter Parker never really spoke to me. I only got into 2099 because I was interested in the world of 2099, an age after the heroes. I found in Miguel O’Hara a character I could understand and a character that should not remain hidden in the back burners of comics but brought forward which is what I think The Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott is trying to achieve, not just that he’s brought back O’Hara for a couple of issues, but he’s understanding the true spirit of Spider-Man.

As a reader, Superior Spider-Man is like a breakdown of what kind of hero Peter Parker’s Spider-Man was and how one of his villains reacts to wearing his mask. Dr. Octopus overcomes a lot of the adversities that Parker faced as Spider-Man including personal relationships, time management, and how better to protect the city. There are a lot of very touching moments in the comic along with plenty of fun ones too. It’s very interesting to to see how Dr. Octopus reacts to things, in fact his reactions, although funny when he refers to himself as far superior than that of Parker, are also heartfelt and very honest.

There’s a great moment at the beginning of the series where Otto has to fight the Vulture, a villain who Otto considered to be a friend. Since he’s known him Otto has thought of him as a man who just wanted to settle down, but his true colors are revealed when Otto fights him as Spider-Man. The Vulture is using children as henchman and Otto punches one in the face bringing up pains from his own abusive childhood. This causes him to lash out against Vulture, “No. You’re Adrian Toomes. And it’s like I’m looking at you for the first time. And what I see is a monster! One that must be stopped at any cost!” (Issue 3, Everything You Know is Wrong).

I don’t want to spoil too much because it is still an ongoing series and fairly new, but I have to say they you definitely should check out this read regardless of whether you are a fan of Peter Parker or Miguel O’Hara or just Spider-Man. Otto’s narration is smart, fun, and you find yourself realizing that a lot of what he is saying makes sense, even Peter, who follows Otto via spirit for a little while, at times agrees. His decisions come at some great costs and his villainous ways come through in more ways than one, but the book’s story is entertaining and the voice is great. I definitely recommend this comic.

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