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Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed AGAIN – Attempts to sooth with 7-Minute Gameplay Video

I mean…. I don’t know what to say at this point. Nothing surprises me at all with this game when concerning delays. Originally promised Fall 2014 it was then delayed to 2015. We all thought, “OK. February or maybe March at the latest.” Rocksteady then announced that yes, it was coming out in 2015…. On June 2nd we’d be getting our hands on it. June 2nd?! What? How could you be that far off? Well it looks like the people over at Rocksteady were just messing with us. They actually meant that Batman: Arkham Knight will be coming out June 23rd.

That’s right, another 3 week delay for a game that I am having serious issues staying excited for. Listen I know that games like these take time but I wish they wouldn’t stamp a specific date on a game until they actually knew if it were possible or not.

And yes, the gameplay video does look uhh-maze-ing. We see some new tricks like Batman finally using one of those weapons he disarms a criminal with and goes apeshit on some crooks with a baseball bat, vigilante style. Yes we see what a Batmobile car chase looks like in-game and yes it seems like the AFB conspiracy theory that Batman actually is just murdering people still holds up. Batman just blows a dudes car up and he is miraculously still alive to interrogate Yeah. Sure Bats.

But as good as it all is I can’t get myself out of the proverbial salt mine that I’m stuck in because of these stinking delays. Please Rocksteady… no more.





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